Night and Day

The day begins.
I cast off yesterday as
morning graces us with
a charming presence
(almost angelic)
as she pathes the way
to begin again

I foster no harm in
thought or deed
but time itself may
yet bring about ruin
on its own

There’s lightness to be
had in shedding.
Letting go of wounds
too close to the heart
which see us bleed.

Even in winter’s ice-cold grip
buds on the bough are there
waiting to awaken in that
warming by the fire.

Focused on what is
even in a dance of sorrows
there is beauty in all things

Even as the day will yield
there are still shades of beauty
as tired eyes accustomise
to shimmering scenes in moonlight
and we welcome the coming of


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

Shared with Three Word Wednesday #CCLlX
Poets United Pantry #87

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

14 thoughts on “Night and Day”

  1. Lovely and mysterious. So interesting to think that when we’re caught up in the ugliness of the moment, we can’t see the beauty in the grand pattern, and when we’re caught up in the beauty of the moment, we forget that it tends to fade with time. I loved it!

  2. That was so full of beauty… I could visualize it

    And, it made me smile at the new day and the beauty it brings forth

  3. Without night there is no day..without light..maybe at times comfort comes in the dark and an opportunity for renewal and rest for tired eyes..(I love your use of brackets..I copied you this use them so effectively..that’s where I think ‘your’ voice is perhaps the loudest)..Jae

  4. And what happens when the darkness comes hmmm?..haha Yeah I guess there is beauty underneath the snow, but the snow, pfft no way!

  5. nice…so much true about that shedding…each day is an opportunity to do that as we embrace its freshness or carry it with us as well…my fav lines…

    Focused on what is
    even in a dance of sorrows
    there is beauty in all things

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