We can take it all in
(the cosmic aura)
absorb its magic
through our eyes
our skin, our breath

it’s all there

Those shimmering drops
of crystal ice
too cold to touch
yet, still somehow
as it resonates with our
own soul music.

Spend all your time waiting
for that second chance
when all of life is about
taking chance after chance
to forge our own path and
write our own story in the
book of life.

So hard to stand upon an
edge of the unknown with
all senses urging caution
and yet
if we break through that fear
and try free-falling

we reach the catalyst

The: ‘what if…’

we learn to listen to
our hearts
we may just discover
love has wings.


© Daydreamertoo              *All rights reserved

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone 🙂

Shared with Carry on Tuesday #144 (Spend all your time waiting for that second chance)
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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

21 thoughts on “Wings”

  1. Follow the path in the rose garden that nobody ever promised you … Happy V – Day, Bren. Love, cat.

  2. Here’s to taking chances, well you strong one! 🙂 I am too weary, I’m fine hiding :-p (pouting) HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY D.! xxxxxxooooooooooo

  3. love is def a risk…and we spend so much time waiting on second chances instead of taking the ones that will get us moving again as well…i like this bren…hope you are having a love filled day

  4. Yes indeed, life is taking chance after chance! And we definitely do have to listen to our hearts.

  5. Very nice job, quite inspirational. Love the ending here, the idea of the catalyst and the what if, high thought content there- great job. Thanks

  6. nice…esp. loved..

    Those shimmering drops
    of crystal ice
    too cold to touch
    yet, still somehow

    …and of course listening to the heart…most of the time the heart knows best…

  7. Getting all nice and lovey today, like the words you display. But you know if I try to fly and I crash and die, the cat will come and haunt you..haha

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