Almost in Heaven

Oh, the listening waves

such trusted friends
and the welcome vacuum of
space and time lends
another ear to woes.

Questions always lead to more
as always, the same.

I was so sure

but, only an aura of
contemplative magic
can now un-break a heart
in that mystical silence
comes the healing touch.

Out with the old
and in with the new
whether I compete or not
the dance between
earth and sky

and I,

I cannot help but burn with
life’s passion for love
from the eternal flame.

Sometimes I hear the Angels
speak to me and sing with harmony
inside my soul’s safe haven
I could swear

I’m almost in Heaven.


© Daydreamertoo                 *All rights reserved

*NB:  If anyone who reads me owns their own website, there was a website I came across last night that had taken all of my information, of who my web host was when it began when it is ending, my google analytics account numbers and where I ranked in several search engines and such and, how many visitors I get in a day, it even quoted how much it was worth to buy my website (not much) LOL  But,   I’ve never heard of this website before and when I tried to email them to ask them to remove my site and all of the personal info the email he gave as contact wasn’t vaild. So, I then did some digging and discovered the person’s real email address and emailed him. It’s a guy in Russia!
I told him I wanted my website and info removed from his website or I would contact someone who deals with internet privacy. After several emails, he finally took the info page down. I don’t object to my website being seen by anyone, the more the merrier but, I do object to him and anyone else sharing information about who my web host is, when ownership of it runs out how many pages views I get a day and such.
The website is He is adding hundreds of websites to his lists every minute and if you don’t want your own info shared on his site you can email this guy to his ‘real’ email address which is
Although I told him if he wants his website to be taken seriously he ought to provide people with an authentic contact email address and I see today he’s changed and added a contact form to it.

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