Just Deserts


This is Chloe’s umpteenth time reading the Harry Potter book series. I swear she skims pages because she reads whole books in a day.
The other night she had been reading one again for a while. I was watching TV and she suddenly asks:“What’s treacle tart Bren?”
I explain.
“Okay so, what’s a spotted dick?
We both know that she knows a lot about a lot of things now and.. she just burst out laughing.
I explained it was another very English desert that was a steamed pudding mixed with currants, hence the name spotted… but, then of course she asks me: “Yeah, but who in their right mind would’ve called it dick….Spotted dick… huh, huh, huh’…and cracked up some more!

Hahaha.. .. we both just started laughing and then, I was crying from laughing so much (between telling her not to be crude)
She didn’t believe that they were for real so, I had to find pictures of both a Treacle tart and a Spotted dick to show her they weren’t just imaginary deserts for the Harry Potter book. Treacle is English for Golden Syrup (all sugar) It is golden in colour and they make a lot of sweet cakes and tart dishes from it. Both very yummy. My mum used to make all of these things and I remember she would steam the puddings in pieces of old white rags.  There was none of that fancy cooking tools back then. We never once had food poisoning then either.  We’ve yet to cover ‘Rolly Polly pudding, and bacon pudding’…haha


Sometimes it’s a laugh a minute in our house.

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