She is free
(at last)
I watched her spirit slowly die
as he crushed it day after day
not knowing what to do or say
she hid herself away in every
crevice and corner of her mind
that she could find.

She has never lived before
…he made sure of that

she is free
and, so lost
because all she’s ever done
is do whatever he told her
she must
and she has yet to learn what
it’s like to truly live.

Long have I grieved
long have I waited
for her to find the courage
to say

I want so much to hold her
and convince her that her
tears are expressions of fear
because she is free
and she has long forgotten
how it was to be that way.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

My youngest sister finally said: “Enough is enough” (thank God) and with a lot of official (police/courts/social worker) support and family support too, she is going to soon be free from the bullying, much older brute she married when she was just 16, still a child herself.
She is in her mid 40’s now, 3 kids all grown too and, she has to re-learn that she is free and she can live life on her own terms, not on his.
She has a laptop now and I’ve chatted with her in voice today 🙂 despite my ‘funny’ accent … haha …teaching her how to use Facebook, Yahoo and such.
He wouldn’t ‘allow’ her to even use a computer.
In many ways I tried to help her so many times, to be there for her when she needed a place to run to, but it’s so hard to watch someone you love and have to be ‘civil’ around someone you despise and, have to truly bite your tongue in case you make it worse for them, instead of helping.
Sometimes, I miss them all so much. She said to me today: “I miss you so much Bren. I miss your hugs and your words of wisdom. Awww…
I just thank God she finally found her courage to say ‘No more.’