There is a façade
the public face you see
but what goes on behind the scene
some could even call it

Just the right blend
is all it needs.
A little mix here
little mixing there
a little mischief making
spins into the air.

Some choose to rise above
lend a hand to distant

Feather-light thoughts
skim o’er naked trees
flesh so vulnerable
as razor-sharp words
cut, then leave their prey
bleeding out from
open wounds.

Above mountains in the way
it never matters
who said or who did what
to whom and,
we don’t need to always
be in control
to be in control.

You see
there is a vast difference
between you and me.

This is the life I wanted
I could never see how anyone
can live their lives in all
those secret spaces.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

The pic I found seems to describe my thoughts in some way. Out of focus.
Some thoughts on how many people lead double lives. How different some are behind closed doors.
How a teen loves to be in the middle of her friends falling out so she can do ‘the mix’ between it all then, sit back and watch it all play out and, how I’ve tried to teach her that sooner or later it will all back-fire on her if she doesn’t stop it….but.. do kids listen.. hmm.. I think I have a better chance of talking to the wall….haha.. she’ll learn, probably the hard way, as do we all.

Shared with Carry on Tuesday #143 This is the life I wanted and I could never see, etc
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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

12 thoughts on “Alchemy”

  1. An interview? Where? I must read (smiles)
    your poor daughter, you don’t want her to learn? :-p lol

  2. Often people need to dive behind a mask to survive. As for teens we
    just have to listen without speakin, interupting or judging and they
    will feel we at least are attempting to understand. Thus open up more.

  3. smiles…yeah a lite in secret places is def not one much for living eh? my life has been learning that control bit too…smiles…a lovely interview of you over at poets united as well….thank you for the mention too…smiles.

  4. alchemy is the perfect word for what’s going on with teenage girls these days! the digital/virtual worlds have changed the “real” world more for teenage girls than anyone (imho) and not for the better. it’s as though they have been bewitched! {smile}

    wonderful poem! ♥

  5. I remember the astonishment in my son’s voice, once he was out of his teens – “you’ve gotten so smart, Mom”. Hee hee. Pure wonderment. I love “this is the life I wanted”.

  6. Very insightful… I especially like:

    Feather-light thoughts
    skim o’er naked trees
    flesh so vulnerable
    as razor-sharp words
    cut, then leave their prey
    bleeding out from
    open wounds.

  7. And what a brilliant image to join your is an alchemy..being the person who rises up..holds a hand do that is far braver than hiding in the hollows..throwing razors..and smiling..passing back the alchemy of being..Jae

  8. At least the wall won’t talk…many have double lives indeed, or sometimes triple, act a different way here there and everywhere. Usually they are full of you know though.

  9. Ah yes, everyone has to learn in their own way. Adults cannot teach teens anything. LOL. They know it all until they are about 25 when they realize you DO know something and may even thank you for what they may even have rejected totally a few years back.

  10. Fantasy world is always one way they deal with life … had the same happening with my kids … one step at a time … even in fantasy world … Love, cat.

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