The Eyes Have It

The eyes speak of love
of passions lust and
offspring bought.
Of truth and dare
of honour
or secrets and

The eyes speak of battles
fought or won
and gaze fondly upon
allies as friends in
times of war.

The eyes glisten and mist
with pride as they
speak of ancestors.
Of braves whose spirits
dwell in fields where
blood may have run as
a crimson tide
over some foreign

The eyes speak of
death and dying
of tears of pain and

The eyes hold a sparkle
from the stars above
to show a loved
one they care.

The eyes hold a smile
showing pleasure
and measure strangers
upon first sight.

The eyes are the
pathway to the

If my eyes ever meet you
they will hold your gaze…

Will yours do the


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

17 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It”

  1. Absolutely..and a friendly hug maybe too..are there little windows in the eyes or bars in a locked room..maybe it depends on who meets your gaze..I guess both can be opened..the good and bad..each verse cleverly showed how quickly the feelings change..Jae

  2. The eyes give us so many clues as to what lies within. I hope you get that gaze in the eyes…it’s no use otherwise. So enjoyed this…

  3. The first thing I notice about a person is his/her eyes. They really ARE the window to the soul. Plus you can tell SO much about a person by really looking at them. A person may lie, but the eyes don’t.

  4. You bring us the eyes to ponder as the gateway to so many of the heart’s secrets. From battles with the world to loves begun and yet to be, you’ve registered the wounds and hopes that all souls contain.

  5. Eyes see and experience so much and they give out just as many signals and communication as well. Lovely poem, really enjoyed it!

  6. Such a good post, Bren … good post to ponder about. Send me a pic of your eyes some time, please … just your eyes … I will too … then we’ll let them speak … volumes and volumes and volumes, yes … Love, cat.

  7. People who can’t look me in the eye make me uncomfortable. In reading this it occurred to me that eyes are probably the primary way of engaging another person. I feel your question. One person may have a dull or even dead look, while another can almost shoot fireworks out of their eyes, while the glow of another person’s eyes can feel like the warmth of a hearth….

  8. Through yours to mine – the conduit of communications, understanding, the emotions that pass from person to person through the eyes first and most importantly. Well done.

  9. Eye see you, Eye for an Eye, Don’t roll your eyes, eye need to close my eyes, too much eyes. Eye know what you did last summer.

  10. I once ran a “theme cloud” program on my own poetry and “eyes” came out on top. Eyes are the most expressive part of us, and this expressiveness flows both ways, as you’ve laid out in this piece.

  11. I do so love eyes (great pic, too)… to me they are true indicators of a person’s well-being. They can also indicate poor health, drug use, etc.

  12. more than meets the eye…smiles…there is def much to be said of the eyes as they will truly tell you much of the person…their story…and emotions…and if they will truly meet your eye you will know them…smiles.

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