Sweet Temptation

I have no resistance
and confess
I’m addicted
for, before I can avert my
eyes you’ve already

And, knowing I’d fall
like all the other
Angels who have

You tease

Lay there doing nothing
but please my eyes in
all raw nakedness.

I know you smile behind
the crimson veil that
hides those many
pleasures I so willingly
come seeking.

I’m intoxicated

Your beauty leads my
mind to wandering in
heady lust

I crave
to taste you on my tongue

Savour your flavours as they
assault my senses like
butterflies evolve from
chrysalis, burst forth then
take to flight,
You stir passion’s
heated flame to heights
that go beyond
all dreams.

Dare I pluck you from
where you lay,
eat you whole or,
should I slowly suck
and drink your juices

Satisfy a longing need
to feed, then weep at
such Heaven sent

Ahh, can this be bliss
for you truely
are my

Sweet Temptation.

© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I’m not really as bad as this, I can resist chocolate, except for maybe as a once a week treat 🙂

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

20 thoughts on “Sweet Temptation”

  1. The temptation was more of wondering where the verse was leading to. It has that feeling of sensuous make-up very unlike an innocent strawberry! Great verse!


  2. Great writing – but why spoil it by saying you can resist chocolate? Why would anyone do that? Still, your poem’s better than chocolate…

  3. Before I saw the photo of the luscious strawberry, my mind was thinking something totally different. So well done. Part of their temptation is their mouthwatering smell too.

  4. Sweet temptation indeed ~

    I always wanted to read a hot earthy write from you….mmm, very yummy indeed ~

  5. hehe…i am usually not a chocolate person…def more fruit in my diet…chocolate on strawberries or with peanut butter though is def a temptation for me though…you had me heading other directions though…haha

  6. What? You can’t give them a bloody hell and ignore them? ..haha…with food I can ignore just about anything, picky eating has it’s perks.

  7. OMG, this led me down totally Other avenues, till I saw the photo at the end. Wowzers! If I could feel all that over a chocolate strawberry, I’d be set for life. Hee hee. Wonderfully effective writing – with a twist!

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