>How far do we go in
pursuit of dreams
for joy or, passion
around the world
or, just next door to
find the other half
of our lost soul.

Everyone can see when
love-light’s in the eyes
like looking at the stars
they hold a certain twinkle.

In the wild grown meadow
of the mind it’s easy to
to deceive
especially ourselves
we don’t want
(yet we do)
such a complex being
in our complex energy.

We evolve
some become as butterflies
if we try to touch
they simply fly away.

I don’t want to seize it
So I wait
holding keys to my fate
and let destiny do as it will
after all
tomorrow, is another day.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

Shared with Carry on Tuesday #142
Poetry Picnic #24
Poetry Pantry #85

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

17 thoughts on “Evolving”

  1. hmmm the mind as a meadow, nice imagery! it takes flight, grows wild, changes…yes, yes, yes 🙂

    The end stanza!!! Yum! 🙂 I read it twice

  2. (yet we do)..quietly whispering that to ourselves..and believing it with out guilt..is the key to change..I love the meadow of the mind..a peaceful place to handle chaos..to shout out YET WE DO..beautiful write..Jae

  3. We evolve
    some become as butterflies
    if we try to touch
    they simply fly away

    really like that part of this…all well done bren…life is in the seizing and letting go…or maybe knowing when to do each…

  4. this is part of having patience sometimes we want to move from one spot to another or finding our other half in a rush..not knowing that we have to evolve….

  5. Just don’t jingle the keys, you may get an unwanted cat climbing up your leg to get them. Might not be such a good fate..haha

  6. Yes tomorrow is indeed another day, very positive message said so well, thanks I needed this.

  7. Beautifully written. I hold much the same philosophy, have for many years now, and it has worked for me. I especially love “in the wild grown meadow of the mind” – so lovely.

  8. Let the butterfly go … if it comes back … it’ll be yours … if it doesn’t … it never was. Love, cat.

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