There are lines of love and glory
circles with red dots
which start at their end
then, which way is up?
(who cares)

Although basically shy
I’ve always tried to be different
have never conformed to what
was considered
(by most)
is the ‘norm’

My one long earring dangles
although, it isn’t forlorn
I could have a pair
but just, like one there.

New fears are born
of not ‘fitting’ into
the confines of others
and concepts of how they
‘think’ we should be.

I say to them all:

I beat my own drum
dance to its rhyme
so what does it matter
if I sing out of time.

I don’t know the Jones’s
and won’t die of shame
if I don’t wear those labels
which make me the same.

Be bold
Be different
Be as abstract as you please

Don’t wear other’s labels
wear your own name
as you please.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

The Painting is by an artist named  Wassily Kandinsky.
Not fond of abstract art but, this painting seemed to suit what I wanted to say …lol

Shared with Magpie Tales #102

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

17 thoughts on “Abstract”

  1. I think you’ve just convinced me to wear a favorite, long, brown dangle earring whose mate got lost a few weeks ago.

    (Among other things.)



  2. be bold for sure…and find your own rhythm…it is the only way to really live…nice lines bren…

  3. Daydreamer, you sound very similar to me. At one time I used to say I was shy. No longer. I think there is a time we outgrow that label and just are truly who we are. I no longer embrace labels of any kind.

    And, philosophically, I am a ‘never say never’ kind of person.

  4. Isn’t is sad that we need reinforcement of our self-images, that so often we fail to realize our own worth?

    I love the first stanza and the last two.


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