There is a sense of unity
in those ties that bind
if all’s created equally
between those curves and lines.

Adrift inside the letting go
there is no choice
I cannot row any further
in the uphill of your stream.

Caught up in the afterglow
I still see hope in sparkles of the
dust that settles
(but must try to remember)
I need to forget
that it never was
what will be, will be


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

18 thoughts on “Undercurrent”

  1. Love is a decision of both parties. Tough to let go but still it is a decision.

    Have a lovely day !

  2. I like the acceptance of limits in the tone. There is effort and then there is the realization it is futile, even though the most optimistic in us thinks there is a chance.

  3. first … that picture! …it pulled me in and how her face fades from the wave… ugh.. it’s beautiful!

    second! …if I was handing out awards… you would get it! This is amazing! I feel more in love with it as I read each line! …and yes, we must try (as hard as it is) that it was never.. and it is what it is (and it really sucks most times) … acceptance is a process and a difficult things much of the time… but only when we accept can we move on…

    beautiful poem!


  4. the tension in this is palpable…the wanting to give up…no longer rowing up that stream…the feeling has real depth too in that last stanza bren…very nice…

  5. I too have been noticing a theme in your poems. Love the message of acceptance in what will be, will be. Also loved “cannot row any further in the uphill of your stream”. Rowing uphill takes WAY too many muscles! Wonderful poem, as always, kiddo.

  6. “Adrift inside the letting go”… you have painted the interior of a weary broken heart, beautifully.

  7. So so sorry. My commenting on my computer is so messed up and that comment did not go with your poem! So so sorry.

    This (Undercurrent) is very heartfelt, and describes the struggle to maintain a lost relationship so well. K.

    PS – forgive me for the wrong comment.

  8. Ha! another great one that I like! 🙂 It packs quite a punch, so many emotions!!! and I LOVE THE PIC. SIMBI, the goddess of the undercurrents 🙂 xxx thanks for the visit!

  9. Adrift inside the letting go
    there is no choice
    I cannot row any further
    in the uphill of your stream… so much sadness in this…def. felt.. hard to give up but sometimes there’s no choice… great take on the prompt

  10. Third time writing out my long comment. Sigh. I hate those damned captcha codes. If you get something wrong, the whole comment disappears and you have to recompose. OK, if you have 1 sentence, I suppose.

    Third time saying: I like the lines “I cannot row any further in the uphill of your stream.” And also the ending of what will be will be. (Do you remember the song?) So often lately I notice that your poetry has the theme of accepting what IS. This one is mo exception. A nice write.

    Here’s hoping it will post THIS time!

    1. Oh, Mary, I feel ya – I’ve learned to copy those long comments onto my clipboard before hitting submit for this reason.

      Now, to comment on daydreamer’s beautiful verse….it’s filled with undercurrents of universal wisdom. I love it – a pure joy to read. The flow is so smooth and calming to my soul (I feel like I say that about many of your poems – this is a good thing 🙂

      Now going to copy and hit the “post comment” button (smiles)

  11. What will be will be, but what you want could be and yeah rowing is such a pain, it hurts the arms and the back, would give the cat a heart attack.

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