He plays
and, waves of love
wash me clean
Sweep over my soul with
ancient sound in their
healing touch
it’s raining.

Words too, fall.
Settle now in
puddles at my feet
where rainbows blend.

Footsteps displacing
pieces of a heart
with new ones
ripples then,

It’s all about keeping
it balanced.

Seeing thoughts with clarity
through spokes in the
wheel of gracious days.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

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“It’s so easy Bren, you just get on and you go.” They all shouted at once.
“I’m not so sure I know what to do.” I replied, a little nervous.
“Just do it Bren. Go on!”
So, on it I jumped and as the wheels spun, I wobbled and soon ended up on my bum.

My nephews all nagged me to try skateboarding when it first came to the UK. I was in my late 30’s then, still young enough to feel pretty invincible and not worry too much about broken bones (back then.) They had their skateboards outside and we had a long path at the side of the house, they were all nagging on at me to have a go.
Having been a decent roller skater I thought a skateboard was the same, so easy. I didn’t realise the wheels were on a balance thingie and the board itself rolled from side to side so, you went sideways as well as forwards. As soon as I stepped onto it…it started moving and I came right off onto my butt. That was my first and last ever try on a skateboard.
They are strictly for the young or foolish. LOL

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