Sand slips through time’s slimline waist
and life’s all about taking chances.

Pale rays of dawn usher in
new potential but I resist
Speak in hushed tones
leaving stillness undisturbed
but golden light will not await
and soon begins to dissipate
the darkness.

reluctant to leave this bubble
of lucid dreaming
I drift into
meditative gratitude’s

Heavy lumber
carried yesterday is
a floating wreck I can hold onto
to stop myself from drowning.

Breathing in blessings
Breathing out woes

So, I let you go
ease myself from
this sleeps most
tender arms
and thus,
the day begins.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

The Poets Rally
Warms the cockles of my heart
through these coldest months

I would like to nominate Life Between the Lines LBTL

Shared with Three Word Wednesday CCLV1
Thursday Poets Rally Week #61