The Road to Now

Feelings sink or swim on
emotional roller coaster rides
which rise and fall behind
comforts painted veil.

Sharing secrets with the moon
in coldest gasps of clear nights
in winter reprieve
I sing the song of my heart
to twinkling, silver stars
trying to be close to you
in wishes, prayer
Anything, to take me
‘there’ and never have to

Trust isn’t always a given
and, isn’t with-holding truth
the same as a lie
as a lie, as a lie.

so many hills and valleys
to be traveled
The deepest depths of sadness
the highest heights of joy
unique for each and every
one of us on the
road to now.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

28 thoughts on “The Road to Now”

  1. The deepest depths of sadness
    the highest heights of joy
    unique for each and every
    one of us on the
    road to now.

    There are so many valuable lessons for us … in and from each peak and each valley!!

  2. The road moves bringing us along winding or steep. Breathless and most refreshing but truth prevails. Great write!


  3. “Sharing secrets with the moon
    in coldest gasps of clear nights” I loved this..I’m not a good critic..but I know beautiful when I see it..take care ..a dreamer

  4. Withholding the truth … lying … hmmm, I think there is a distinct difference … I agree that lying will almost always break someone’s heart … but withholding the truth can be the compassionate thing to do in order to keep someone’s heart from breaking … depending on where we are on our road to now … Blessed be, my friend Bren. Love always, cat.

  5. There are highs and lows to everyone’s journey…and I agree with you that withholding truth IS lying, as it is an intent to deceive. Well penned and full of thought.

  6. such truth we are all on a different journey of up’s and downs beautifully written thank you xx

  7. The Road To Now and the Road From Now when Now never stands still – so hard to gauge where we are, get our bearings, make assessments when that irksome Now just won’t stop and let us have a look at it. But everyone has to try, don’t we? Well done!

  8. You had me on the first few words and I enjoyed the entire post….and especially “sharing secrets with the moon.”
    Thank you for sharing,
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

  9. A road I travel often. Trying to ditch the veil. I agree it is a lie. The road to now is hard to stay on but that is my goal. Lovely write.

  10. the singing songs to stars wishing i was with them…that was beautiful…a very real moment there that i definitely appreciate from the times i have been apart from the one i loved…

  11. Beautiful….flowing, rich & with a wonderful message…’the road to now’ is completely the best place to be. Taken me half a lifetime to realise that. Loved you poem..

  12. Really like how the poem mirrors the visual from the image, you really get a shared sense there. Love the final stanza, really great. Thanks

  13. there are for sure all kinds of roads to travel..the winding ones, the steep ones and some easy ones as well.. your words go perfectly with the pic..thanks for taking us on a journey with you

  14. Never despair … cat is here 🙂 Hey, peacemaker, come over here … I get that a lot at work … and I’m there … night and day … that’s what keeps me going`at the moment … Not many know about my own despair, but that’s okay … By the way, if you go to the bottom of my blog page, you’ll find the music and the video that goes with it … Blessed be. Love you, my friend. Always, cat.

  15. The road going up and down and all around, making me change emotion like the ocean really screws up my ocd. A straight line is what I want to see..haha

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