Interpreting Art

Crinkled walls
paper thin
just as fragile life.

Curled up on a
bale of papier-mâché
to which she is
She sleeps.

Is that all there is?

In fetal position
naked too.

Is that to lure you in to
her world?
A wolf above what was
sheep’s clothing?

This is anything and everything
you wish for it to be
a woman on a rice cube
naked with black sash to
complete the look.

Is it art?
Some would say it is

…Who knows.


© Daydreamertoo *All Rights reserved

I’m not altogether certain what this image is meant to portray at all. Not sure if with the crinkled walls
behind her, she is curled up on a cube of paper, or if it’s wool, or what, so without knowing for sure, I wrote about the things it ‘speaks’ to me. I don’t know if I would call it ‘art’ at all, though.

Shared with
Carry on Tuesday #141 ‘Is that all there is?”
Magpie Tales #101

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

27 thoughts on “Interpreting Art”

  1. Yeah, well described, the picture reminds me of those naked girls in Japanese restaurants doing the table pose, the businessmen eat their sushi off her body.

    If you rotate the photo slowly you’ll see amazing things reflected in the tiled floor.

  2. The woman is surrounded by and huddling paper products … paper comes from trees … trees are a precious commodity for many reasons … well worth to be held on to and cherished and protected … maybe even over her dead body. Great post, my friend Bren … lots of food for thought here. Love always, cat.

  3. Have I just lost a comment? Can’t tell!!! I hope you have time for a second look at yesterday’s Year of the Dragon post, because now there’s and extra verse to laugh at again! LOL

  4. N.B. There’s another laugh waiting for you if you come back for a second look at yesterday’s ‘Year of the Dragon’ post…LOL

  5. Art defined as “whatever you can get away with” makes the picture art, I guess. Thanks for posing the question.

  6. you know what..? i see the crinkled paper wall for the first time…so funny…the woman is so powerful in the pic that this detail completely escaped my attention…this is why i like to read different takes on picture many things to discover…so you def. made me see something i didn’t see before

    1. i had trouble with this one too…i find it hard to write about an image i don’t like but its good to push yourself,,,in the end art is whatever you want it to be for you

  7. The unanswered questions draw the reader into this wonderful piece. I’ve read it several times and will be thinking about it often. Perfect words, just perfect. I always love your work!


  8. Art indeed takes many forms. I, too, was struck by the parchment wall. It seemed to have a direct affect on the image.

    I didn’t think of it as being a rice cube, but it very well could be. Good writing.

  9. i find more allusion to temptation in your words…and i know quite a few guys this one would pull into some very dark places…addictions….etc…art is to be appreciated for what it is…but like anything can be easily abused…

  10. Who knows indeed. Personally I think she’s mooning the crinkled wall though, you know those crinkled walls deserve it, they are just so crinkly..haha

  11. lol, you made me smile, needed that right about now. lol, the art is the interpretation. I see a woman curled like a ball, as if trying to go inside herself when all around her is bleak and sort of life pushing on her, placing her there 🙂

  12. Ah yes, I too had questions about this picture. Actually I found it fairly disconcerting. Who knows indeed?

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