Brighton & Hove

Peace stands proud between the borders
holding an orb in one hand and arm
out-stretched with olive branch
her wings are reaching for the sky.

Didn’t pay much attention
to her as a child
so much more interested in the
different coloured paving slabs
When I could really be in
two places at once.

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For years Brighton was in East Sussex and Hove was in West Sussex, two different towns in two different county’s. Brighton Peace Statue (Info Here) Brighton, being the much larger and more popular of the two for it’s two (then) piers and, seaside attractions.
The peace statue was built in memory of King Edward V11 (Queen Victoria’s eldest son and heir) who spent some time in hospitals in Brighton, convalescing when he was ill.
As a child we would walk the whole seafront right up to the boundary with Hove. To this statue where the paving slabs would change from a dark gray to a deep pink halfway between the base of the statue up to the road, to denote the borderline. My sister and I loved being able to stand with one foot on either side of the line to be able to say we were in both towns at the same time.
In 1997 the two towns joined to form one authority and after a campaign to win over other cities also applying for the status the two towns were finally granted city status by Queen Elizabeth II as part of the millennium celebrations in 2000.

So there you have a history of a border that I knew so well as a child. Built in 1912 and still in place, today.

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I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

14 thoughts on “Brighton & Hove”

  1. Yes, being in two places at once would be very appealing to a child. I liked this little history lesson. The statue is very beautiful.

  2. Well, I’ve been to Brighton and Hove many times. Often cycled there as a boy, and I’ve never noticed her either.

  3. Interesting how things can be so close yet so far, then they became one and all is on par. Be fun to do the whole two places at once thing..haha

  4. Great final lines about being in two places at one time – and we have a few borders like that too…

  5. This immediately brought to mind the Four Corners area where Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona meet. There is a place to put your hands and feet into all four states at once. Also, I like the metaphor of a child being in two places at once as I thought about how children can more easily cross over into states of imagination, wonder, awe, spiritual connection, etc.

  6. Dang, my entire comment was wiped out, as I forgot about that captcha code. Sigh. What I said was something about it is pretty awing to be able to stand with one foot in one state here and one foot in another. There also is one of our state parks where one can stand with feet in two states and see a third one. These borders are pretty arbitrary, but still….

  7. interesting..the town my wife is from has the state borders right down main street…you can actually walk the line…and sales tax on one side is 5% and 8.5% on the other…neat statue as well…

  8. oh nice!!!!! i was there in november and walking this promenade….so great..had a fantastic and relaxing time…thank you!!!! and…Peace stands proud between the borders…is just awesome

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