Timmy Two Balls

The little dog is not complete without his balls.
For he always plays with not one ball, but two.
Bright yellow, practice golf balls but, he doesn’t care
what their colour is or what their real use is. All he cares
is that they are his to pick up, chase, chomp, chew on, and play.


Ever since he was a young puppy Timmy has never played with just one ball. He won’t chase just one, it has to be thrown and, he’ll wait with his eyes on the other one until it’s thrown before, he’ll go for them. These are like a sponge but not soft at all so that bits come off or I wouldn’t let him play with them. It’s very comical to see him run with two in his mouth and even more so if he tries to pick up and carry three, or, one large and one small one… LOL

As the dVerse prompt was ‘Imagism’ I was looking through all my pics, for objects to focus thought on for the prompt and saw several pics of Tim with his two balls and thought, ‘ah ha…hope his spherical objects fit in with Imagism.’ It also is for G-Man’s Friday Flash 55 prompt too. Just a bit of fun.

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G-Man’s Friday Flash 55