Quiet Revolution

In ambient blue
stress levels slide downhill
from their peak once again
as I lose myself
with classic lines and notes
of purest mood, oblivious
to the obvious around me.

Now, becomes then.
I came to life when I saw
the fire in your eyes
At first I thought it freak
refusing to believe
so secure was I, behind those
impenetrable walls
all it took was a sliver
The smallest shard that
wasn’t satisfied, until it
it had reached my soul.

Squashing fear underfoot
I stepped lightly into the unknown
All walls came tumbling down
and suddenly I too, was
basking in the glow.

There’s a certain ripple effect
produced by being loved
(If only all wars could be won
with such a quiet revolution)


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights Reserved

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Theme Thursday Prompt #Produce

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

21 thoughts on “Quiet Revolution”

  1. “Make love, not war!”

    This was what we used to chant in the 60’s. Or Peace baby peace. We tried a quiet revolution and it did not work. They just need to have the mothers of the world to have all the high positions and that would end the wars. Women, if they get mad they just ignore you and want to have nothing to do with you. There would be no take over wars.

    Thanks for sharing this with this weeks Theme Thursday Produce. Can’t wait for next weeks.

    God bless.

  2. Even the strongest of us can melt when there is a tender heart that beckons us. Beautiful Bren.

  3. Finding love inside is a treasure..daring to dip a toe into the world to see what it will return for your efforts..I love the blue..there is also peace and calm in your words..Jae

  4. Love wins you know…in the end…it will i have faith in that revolution…smiles…nice one bren…

  5. Wars would never stand a chance to even begin if everyone kept this kind of love in their hearts all the time.

    Extra Lovely, this!


  6. (smiling) the pic is almost like mine. There’s this quote I love: “Love makes us all come alive” totally summarizes the piece,xxxx!

  7. Oh, you KNOW how much I adore this poem. I once knew those impenetrable walls and, betimes, the glow…..I especially love your closing lines – what this old world needs is a quiet revolution. So well said!!!!!!

  8. just reading it brought a calmness … the image goes along so well with the piece

    the piece goes along so well with the image…

    Great one!

  9. If only such a thing could be tasked to all, war would quickly lose it’s call. Or find another excuse to be and just makre sure when squashing fear you don’t squash me..haha

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