Quiet Revolution

In ambient blue
stress levels slide downhill
from their peak once again
as I lose myself
with classic lines and notes
of purest mood, oblivious
to the obvious around me.

Now, becomes then.
I came to life when I saw
the fire in your eyes
At first I thought it freak
refusing to believe
so secure was I, behind those
impenetrable walls
all it took was a sliver
The smallest shard that
wasn’t satisfied, until it
it had reached my soul.

Squashing fear underfoot
I stepped lightly into the unknown
All walls came tumbling down
and suddenly I too, was
basking in the glow.

There’s a certain ripple effect
produced by being loved
(If only all wars could be won
with such a quiet revolution)


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights Reserved

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