Facing Fear

Sun shines, lifting a dreary day
from its winter doldrums.

Love is forever, for always
no matter what.

So busy with having-to-do-for
forgetting to enjoy the
joys of what, is.

Eyes stare at me
see me as their hero
(whether I wish
to be, or not)

always thinking

Serenity doesn’t sneak up
and take us by surprise.
It’s reached through climbing
the highest mountains
one painful (or joyous) step
at a time until the summit
of light is in sight.

In the sound of my own
breathed-in silence
held there amidst
the depth of what lies within
I acknowledge each struggle
with grace and gratitude
because it’s in facing
every fear we are
raised to higher
self again.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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