Earth’s Song

Eyes closed
(as if in prayer)
face turned toward the light
In blue aquatic hue
she calls (perhaps)
and waits for her
creation to
carry its vibration
throughout all the waves
across all the oceans
and all the seas
Out into time and space
and, touch eternity
with the beauty of
Earth’s song.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

For those interested: This is one of many sculptures designed by an English man called Jason deCaires Taylor. He creates them so that they can be left underwater and eventually over time they will grown and form new artificial  ‘coral reefs.’

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Sherlock Holmes

Crowds of curious onlookers dotted the banks on both sides of the river. Despite it being a crisp March morning they’d probably never witness such a spectacle again. It soon began to rain and, if one had looked hard enough, they would see two well dressed men somewhat apart from the rest; standing there to contemplate, statuesque still, watching the scene with quiet resolution of this… their latest case. A few broad shouldered policemen helped the nervous fishermen reel in their unexpected catch. There was nothing vain about this one man, quickly kneeling to test both surface and depth of mud they’d have to traipse through to get to the dormant catch, the shorter of the two remarked: “From the amount of bloating I’d say he’s been dead in the water for quite some time Holmes.”

“Elementary my dear Watson, elementary.” Holmes replied.


Apparently Sherlock Holmes never did say those words at all, not once in any of the novels, but somewhere over the years someone added them into his dialogue.
Sherlock Holmes is of course written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
My first introduction to Sherlock Holmes was when I saw the original movie of The Hound of the Baskervilles now, he has found new fame all over again again with the two Sherlock Holmes movies staring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law

The wordle words all seemed to want to ‘fit’ in with Sherlock Holmes this week.

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