Mona Lisa Botero

None can lay claim to fame more so than this face.
La Gioconda has been stolen, painted and framed
and painted again and again, many times by
many, many artists including Fernando Botero.

When he painted her originally it was
a Colombian girl, aged 12.
His cleaning lady saw it and told him
it resembled the famous one.
Hmm…(he thought)
and immediately spotting the connection
modified his art and named it
Mona Lisa aged 12.

I think his art and his cheek would have
made Leonardo and Mona Lisa both, smile.

©  Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

I have seen a couple of this artist’s works and a lot more since reading the prompt at dVerse this afternoon but have to say, I’m not a fan.
I looked up his reason for painting the Mona Lisa his style, and this was the answer I found on several websites: Mona Lisa aged 12 by Botero

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Author: Daydreamer

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15 thoughts on “Mona Lisa Botero”

  1. And this week I read that the Mona Lisa was not a woman but Leondardo’s long time male lover 🙂 ha! the joy of history!

  2. yes i think they might have…and too that it was a little girl who he originally painted only to find she looked like her…i dunno this one is kinda cute…

  3. The paintings are humorous and fun and this one definitely resembles its namesake. I enjoyed your poem. I wouldnt buy this type of art either, but it is definitely great material for writing:)

  4. I’m impressed that you did a little more research and shared the results with us. Very fun and interesting at the same time.

  5. 12 year old..nah..he..he…

    I do wonder at his muse but i agree he found his niche. Thanks for sharing this aspect of his art.

  6. This 12-year-old does indeed resemble the well known Mona Lisa. Like I said in a few places, this artist’s art would not be hung over my fireplace. I do think though that he found a unique niche, and I can appreciate that. I do wonder what Leonardo would think about this 12-year-old. LOL

  7. I love this, the humor in it, the story all of it. Thanks for sharing this. I think her little smile is much better than the original’s!!

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