The Cove part 2


This is the part of rock face Chloe & Tim climbed. As you can see, there is no path.

He’s so small against the size of the rocks

We were so very lucky to see all the amazing wildlife we saw here. We’d see Blue Heron, Lots of Seals, Dolphins, American Bald Eagles flying low overhead, and we’d see the occasional small whale. One day we came down and a huge seal was sitting at the end of the cliffs on the right hand side of the cove, basking in the sunshine.

Not many kids can say they sat on an iceberg (even though it was pretty small)

Saturday Centus: 50 words
I knew  if I shouted Timmy he would come running. I shouted: “Chloe, come down from there please.” Hoping Tim would follow. Thankfully he always wants to be where we are. I watched as he picked out a way back down and followed Chloe back onto the beach and safety.


Timmy has always been a pretty fearless little dog.  From mid December through to mid April, due to snow & ice we weren’t able to get to the cove, it was like torture to all three of us… LOL  Timmy loves the beach and water every bit as much as Chloe and I.
Apart from beach glass we collected pretty stones, shells and feathers and other bits and pieces we thought of as, would be treasures. When the sun shines on the glass jars filled with beach glass, it creates beautiful rainbow prisms all over the ceiling, walls and floor.

We moved into the city 2 years ago but, at least we still have a harbour we can walk alongside of every day. Nowhere near as wonderful as ‘our’ freedom beach walks but thank goodness, it is by the water.

P.S. A few have asked this question so, in answer:  Apart from the deepest (middle) of it, much of the Northumberland Strait freezes over during the coldest part of winter. The icebergs are what appears once the strait begins to thaw out in early to mid April. I have other videos of more snow and icebergs.  If anyone is interested in seeing them, please let me know.

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I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

19 thoughts on “The Cove part 2”

  1. I love a happy ending.

    And that picture of the world’s smallest iceberg made me smile!

    Thanks for a wonderful conclusion. I got so stressed out with the disaster in my kitchen that I forgot I already said 100 words.

    Thanks for being a good sport about that!

  2. What a fabulous post … the pictures are wonderful! and I’m glad Timmy made it down okay!

  3. I don’t think I have ever seen an iceburg. Is this a regular occurance there? Or the sad results from global warming?~Ames

  4. beautiful view and pictures…i live in the city, so if live with this close by, it will be like paradise ~

  5. Lovely story. I know how it is to miss the beach, having moved to the mountains. But at least the mountains have their own majestic beauty!

  6. oh wow..this is gorgeous…wish i lived closer to the sea… and cool on the matter how big or small – an iceberg is an iceberg..smiles

  7. Oh Bren, THANK YOU for this post and your movies…….this was the weekend I was to go to the beach but am not feeling well enough and had to cancel. Instead, I visited your cove. So lovely. You must miss it. Chloe was very lucky to spend part of her childhood there – she will love the wild her whole life because of it. Once an ocean person, always an ocean person, right? This fed my spirit this morning. Many thanks. I couldnt believe the bits of iceberg. Saw on the news last night that scientists are horrified at how fast the icebergs up north are melting. Humans are so like the frog sitting in the pot of water as it slowly heats up. By the time we figure it all out, the pot is going to be bubbling over.

  8. What a great beach and coast line to roam about, especially for your little boy doggie! Blue Heron are really quite bold, and I have actually walked about the water with a Blue Heron following along…just in case I was going to catch a fish I’m sure! Great videos too, thanks!

  9. Dogs are crazy sometimes. Our Dalmatian loved bubbles, loved eating them, so much that he tried to eat them in a brook, fell into it, and over a small waterfall, he was Okay.

  10. Beautiful! I loved seeing your view~ Yes, those treasuries speak to my heart. I am from a coastal town and this view is magic to me! Thank you for sharing~

  11. Floating on an iceberg cool, literally..haha. Looks like your pup is pretty fearless as well, the cat and he would have fun chasing each other about.

  12. whew i am glad that it was a lot less stressful than the original cliff hanger….your cove looks and sounds like a lovely retreat…i can see why you miss it when away…

  13. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful area! And what a brave dog and child. What fun to have an opportunity to sit on an iceberg.

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