Puppy Love


Who knew I would do it all again
took a long time to mend that
which was broken the first time
yet here I am

Looking into eyes that trust
without question.
Eyes which don’t see the
many flaws
seeking only to please
tease a word or two in praise
entice me to a game.

We speak without need
for words, he and I.
It’s always been that way.
I think about going somewhere
and, there he is at the
door, waiting.

He reads my mind over
and over again.
It’s him and the one
who went before, who taught me
so much more than I ever knew
I would learn about
unconditional love.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

My first little dog Treasure, came to me as a rescue dog from a puppy farm (mill) in Wales. Because she was a Yorkie cross with Pomeranian she was a ‘throw out.’  Apparently, the woman who rescued these dogs saw the puppies that were no good to sell living in old car wrecks,  in their own mess. They were fed on left overs including chicken carcasses.  She drove all the way back and when I met her, the little dog was 12 weeks old, she was shy and, she was trembling as she passed her to me. She said: “There she is, the little treasure.” And, I knew then that I would call her that name because, she would be exactly that, a little treasure. We had her for 10 and a half years but throughout her life she had severe ulcerative intestinal and gastric problems due to the disgusting way she was neglected from birth. I was heart broken when we had to make the decision to have her euthanized. She was suffering too much. It took such a long time to mourn her passing, she had become a baby. Loved to be cuddled and loved on.

Timmy came into my life as an 8 week old puppy from a very reputable breeder in Ontario. We’ve had him now nearly 8 years. He’ll be 8 in April and he’s fathered 9 puppies some of which are parents themselves so, he is a granddaddy too and, most belong to friends of mine!
He hasn’t been well this past three days and I took him to the vet yesterday morning through having a very upset stomach and vomiting. The vet told me he’s such a lovely dog, so well behaved when they took him off to do take some blood to see if there’s anything shows up in it.
I don’t understand animal cruelty, my brain just doesn’t compute that we have these animals lives in our hands and they give us so much joy, so much love and so much trust and, how some people mistreat, beat and abuse that, it just blows my mind.

Anyway, the vet called last night and told me that all his blood work came back looking good. Pheeewww, panic over!

So those are my two puppy loves….. LOL

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

27 thoughts on “Puppy Love”

  1. I don’t understand animal cruelty either. How can you look in those sweet, innocent eyes and feel anything but love and compassion. Timmy is lucky to have you in his life, Bren…and of course, you’re lucky too!

  2. Bren, I missed this yesterday as am unwell this week and not sitting up much. So glad I came back and found it. Those PRECIOUS little faces! The horribleness of the puppy mill story – and its reality all over the world. Our critters are TOTALLY all about unconditional love. So glad I didnt miss this post. I so love it. Treasure’s little face is haunting, especially when one thinks of her trying to survive in a wrecked car. Thankfully she had ten wonderful years with you. Oh yes, I know the heartbreak. But what they give us is worth it ten times over.

  3. I can’t comprehend animal cruelty either and how some people can simply abandon their pets when they feel they are inconvenienced. I think if a person can be cruel to their pets or any animal, they are probably just as cruel and cold when dealing with the people around them.

    Love the poem of unconditional love — it’s something pets can teach us; they love us in return with such abundance, such sincere, simple and whole-hearted love.

  4. I love this poem and the puppy, i totally get what your saying. it takes awhile before you can, you know. me touching my heart, loves.

  5. I love cats, obviously 🙂 Mr. Purdy was my favourite feline. He died a year ago. My Black Lab Piwo was his best friend … he is still with me. Thanks for sharing about your 4 legged friends. Love, cat ^.^

  6. I LOVE how you share so much of you with us every week! Your poems are wonderful and your commentary just as much. I invest so much into my pets, and they give me so much more…maybe a tear or two at the memories you stirred up with this one. But that’s just between me and you…right!? 😉

  7. I have two dogs now, but a few years ago had to put one to sleep b/c she had a brain tumor. It was horrible. So glad yours is okay!

  8. a cutie baby. I promise myself to get one once the kids are out of the house, I really do not want any added dependents at this time (sigh)
    enjoy your baby boy! 🙂

  9. You got that right, Daydreamer! My little old dog knows what I’m about to do before I know what I’m about to do! I’m telling you, she can be laying beside my desk, sound asleep, and when I walk out of the room, she’s right on my heels. And she tells ME when it’s time to go for a walk–among other things! Very nice write!

  10. Whew, so glad that the bloodwork came back normal. It is always so hard when our ‘furry kids’ are going through a hard time! Beautiful poem. I know of what you speak.

  11. Bren, lovely poem and beautiful pics of the pups. I understand how you feel about animal cruelty. I have four dogs, two of them were abandoned, one as has been with us for almost ten years, and the other, I found in the street one day. She has been with us for three years. The other two we bought at the vet. I am a huge animal activist, and thank the heavens this part of Mexico is becoming more sympathetic to animal’s needs.


  12. My dodgy as we call her is definitely a little treasure can so relate to this as I had to have our last dog put down ( he was the kids dog too ) Lulu my present dog is a dog I chose for me when I was quite poorly and she’s been a godsend.Loved this poem so much thank you for sharing x

  13. This is just lovely and I’m so pleased your little dog will be OK. They are true friends and I also, cannot understand the cruelty towards animals. Beggars belief…and I didn’t know you were an expat Brit too? …nation of animal lovers (supposedly) Wonderful poem about your love towards your dogs.

  14. an aww indeed – and how well worded this piece is! the words all blend and wrap into each other “We speak without need
    for words, he and I.
    It’s always been that way.
    I think about going somewhere
    and, there he is at the
    door, waiting.” – no need for words – they’re overrated – great stuff!

  15. very cute dogs…their love is unconditional..

    and i live in ON; i didn’t know you are canadian too ~

  16. The cat would never truly wish harm on a dog, maybe just a swat or two..haha. They are such great companions, had dogs all my life. Glad you pup is okay too.

  17. awww…one of best friends growing up was my dog hobo…he was a hound dog, so i so get this…i am glad you found a new friend as well…smiles. and i am glad your pups is ok…

  18. Poor Timmy…
    Happy to know his health’s better !
    You are right Bren, difficult to understand people who beat animals… I think it’s a vice of cowards.
    Happy new year little Timmy 😉

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