The Quiet Man

So far, it was all as he’d imagined. The little cottage built with Irish stones. Sure, the whitewash was in need of a lick of paint but, it even had a thatched roof. Bubbling with renewed enthusiasm he felt this was ‘it’… his heart had come home. He’d come here to rebuild his life, returned to his family’s long forgotten roots. Without looking down, a big hand made to grope for the gate which, a bit like himself was broken too but, no matter, he’d soon set to fixing up the place. A chill wind blew in his face and he pictured a fire blazing in the hearth then, the reason why here was here all suddenly came flooding back in a flash. He was breathing hard as he saw himself back in the ring, punching, jabbing and punching hard again, as thousands cheered each blow. Heart fluttering now, he saw his opponent lying there again… his death at those lethal hands of his coming back to haunt him. He shook his head, well that was then and this is now and, pushed such thoughts aside. T’would be a new life back in the old country for this quiet man named, Sean Thornton.


The Quiet Man has to be my third most fav movie of all time but then, there’s so many old favourites of mine they are all my favourites… LOL
John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara practically sizzled in this movie. He’s an American. A boxer who accidentally killed someone in the ring and is haunted by it so, he goes back to his family home in Ireland to start a new life after vowing never to fight again. He meets a feisty red-head and falls for her but, Southern Ireland in the 1920’s is still full of old traditions, especially in rules of courtship and, her brother wanted to buy Sean Thornton’s old land from the widow who currently owns it, to add to his own land. They take an instant dislike to each other and her brother insults, then slaps him, but though he sees red, he won’t fight, leaving everyone to think he’s a coward. But, in the end he gets the girl and, proves them all wrong about his cowardice with one of the best old fashioned and comical fights scenes, ever.

Fabulous romantic, comical movie with scenes of how green and, how beautiful Southern Ireland is.

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I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

15 thoughts on “The Quiet Man”

  1. Great use of the words for your old movie outing this week. I’d like to watch the movie sometime.

  2. Movie tributes always work for me, even though it’s another I never did see. But great depcition in verse and yeah year after year movies tend to get worse.

  3. I don’t think I’ve seen this one–but now I have to. But Maureen O’Hara is one of my favorite actresses–I love her fieriness and beauty. Your write is a nice tribute to the story…thanks so much.

  4. Nice tribute to that wonderful old movie. They don’t make men like John Wayne anymore. One of my brothers does a terrible John Wayne imitation! And wasn’t Maureen O’Hara a beauty. Thanks for taking me back this morning!

  5. My dad is a big John Wayne fan, and I remember watching this movie with him. Thank you for bringing that back to me. You’ve captured the spirit of the film in your whirl piece, and summarized it beautifully, too.

  6. I find it interesting switching gears for a narrative, but enjoy the difference. You set the scene nicely for your piece.
    I haven’t seen The Quiet Man in ages, but love it.


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