The River

You rise and fall in tranquil
ripples and waves
oft times deep
cling to banks and other subtle curves
seeking every secret place.

Lure me
(like a lovers arms)
Mist lifts
showing your lust for life
as a perfect shiver runs my spine
it is all connected to
the divine through sublime
genetic memory.

she lives and breathes
free as yet, from
winters freeze and
with steady rhythmic rhythm
throbs inside my veins.

Enveloped within this embrace
I remember then
why I laughed or, cried
as thought drifts with you
on your journey
to the sea.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

For those who don’t already know, I love water.  I’m Cancer star sign, have always been drawn to any type of water, and also La Luna, the lady moon. Grew up living close to or, a short bus ride away from water in a seaside town and, cannot imagine people living anywhere that doesn’t have water nearby. When people say they live in the middle of a country, and haven’t ever seen a beach or the ocean, I just know it would kill my soul to not be near to water, albeit, a river, stream, or, an ocean. I love it’s music, movement, living energy and, nearly always find my inner peace by being close to water.

Also love the stars and space.

Life….it’s all so fascinating.

Shared with Magpie Tales #98

Queens Park Brighton

We slid down snow banks on metal tea trays, skated on thin ice til my foot went through. That was a scare. Once I fell into the pond reaching for the ducks and floundered myself as my sister bent over doubled up laughing. Couldn’t climb out because of green moss making the sides slippery.


During visits home, one of my older sisters and I used to live not very far from Queens Park That tall building was part of a large house built by a wealthy land owner, the house is long gone but, the tower is in the center of the park and is called The Pepper Pot, it’s now a listed building. We would spend hours there adventuring through the extensive grounds, trees and shrubbery or, on the swings and roundabouts in the children’s play area. We once used our mum’s metal tea trays as slides to toboggan down the snow banks a few times one winter. Talk about go fast!
The pond is very big and sometimes in winter would freeze just enough to be able to walk on. Of course water and I are always drawn to each other. I couldn’t believe the day I fell in. I was maybe 8 years old and my sister, 9. I was trying to reach the ducks or swans and fell head first into the water. I’m yelling for her to help me climb out because the sides of the pond are sloped and because of all the green moss I couldn’t get a foot hold to push up and all she could do was stand at the side bent over doubled up laughing!
Needless to say our mum wasn’t too happy because we were in our best Sunday clothes…. My sister and I used to get up to all sort of mischief and fun.  My goodness I did do all sorts of crazy things as a tomboy (fearless) child. LOL…

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