Universal Harmony

I could weep a million tears
for you
Or, shed just one
each, would mean the same.

A string of new beginnings
the call to love answered
with a peel of bells.

Life is in its quickening

there is a gateway open
and journey’s end has
not one, but a multitude
of paths each (again) unique
if willing to change a single step
here or there along the way.

My path is sometimes lost
a mental maze in clouds
of too much thought
which fog the lens
keep the view hidden
its point still resonates
somewhere deep within.

Sometimes I revel in the
yearn for it’s calm and
need that isolation just
to live, to be, to breathe

the lonely island weeps
to touch the sun or moon
and sing in tune with its
universal harmonies.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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