Never say Never

Fragrance lingers
I catch it here and there
hints of pleasure
as I shift the air to
turn another page.

Island sunrise opened
new windows on the world
pain was yesterday
now, a shadow of time
and I hold the key
to destiny
knowing, it is mine.

I push
pushed, pushed
thinking all the while
there was something
tangible to be gained
from that stubborn persistence

and yet,

it should have all been
crystal clear
(and was)
if only I had cared to look
more deeply
than I had cared.

Love always has a price to pay
but, we pay it anyway
as pearls are formed from chaos within
so we too, are shaped by life
with its many twists and turns

Never say never
is now, never again

and I pay my own way
in atonement.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Poets United Poetry Pantry #81

Gone With The Wind

Life in shreds like the sweaters she now has  to wear, stitches undone from yarn which is dirty and worn, yes, everything’s in tatters. She grieves the loss of her loved ones as she uses the shovel to bury them. Friends have all gone and love wasn’t what she’d always expected it to be. There was no plum life to be had, not anymore… the war between north and south had seen to that and, these were the cruelest of cruel days. Her thoughts drift to a married man, unanswered love-letters, always so mistaken that he was ever her true love but unable to stop the longing for what she couldn’t have.  No, nothing had turned out as she planned and now it was… Gone with the Wind.

Fabulous chemistry this pair made between them. Their acting, superb. Along with the movie Casablanca      Gone With The Wind with Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable has to be one of my most favourite stories and movies of all time. Written by Margaret Mitchell in 1936. Always loved to see love and romance.
Set against the background of the American Civil war, Scarlett O’Hara is in love with a man who isn’t in love with her. She doesn’t realise how much she was loved or, did love her husband until it’s all too late and yet, she is a survivor. Through many trials and tribulations she finally grows up and resolves at the end of the story to go back to her ruined family home and think of ways to win back the man (her husband) who was her true love all along except for her yearning for someone who she always thought better, she couldn’t see it.
I also love the music to this movie too.   HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Poetry Picnic #20