Happy New Year

Out with the old
in with the new
toss things away
people too
(it seems)

Reflections in a
steady stream
not frozen yet
as passion burns
away thin ice.

I drank too deep
from the wishing well
slipped once more
mistaking want and need
for something more than the
distance between what is.

It will all be so different
after the clock strikes
(won’t it?)
Bells peel and
voices ring out their joy.

Prisms of light I love
show a heart in
fractal, multi-faceted view
beaten, bruised but not broken

With all good grace
I yield

it’s time to say goodbye
and return once more to the
colours of life.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Happy New Year… Wishing you all, peace, love, health and happiness.
It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you all. Reading your talented work and, making new friends.

Shared with Imaginary garden with real toads #Ring out the Old, ring in the New.