Silent Echo

New year approaches
I resolve to make no resolution

Demolish the past and put its
pieces into boxes with
all the other puzzles
complete or not
which may be re-visited once
in a while, just for old
time’s sake.

Seasons change
people change
some were never who we
thought they were
Life goes on and we move with it
transform, grow wiser
sweeten inside as we ripen
from the fruits of knowledge

Dreams become reality
the future is but a moment away
I send out a call to love
which cannot be denied
yet, await the return of
its silent echo.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

There is only the present. The future can change on a whim.
I learned recently that I ought not to expect anything from anyone, but accept everything.

Shared with Three Word Wednesday CCL11
Theme Thursday #Future

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

24 thoughts on “Silent Echo”

  1. when i got to the puzzle part, i was thinking that what if there were a rule that when new years came, you had to put away all puzzles, even if you didn’t finish, and only start new puzzles.

    did you like the purple barn? i made it with illustrator and paint. i’m just beginning to do art work, and it looks childish, but it took so long to do, i guess cuz my illustrator sills are still very immature.

    if u liked the mystery in that one, i wonder what you will think about my “end” piece …

    spoiler alert

  2. I think everyone hopes for the best next time around and I am no exception. Beautifully written.

  3. That says it all… and so true…
    Only the present’s important, so, no resolution.

  4. Maybe there is always a reply..if you listen hard enough..’time passes whether you want it to or not’..but never best spent than filling it with words..thank you for listening..and replying..Happy New Year to you DayDreamer..Jae x

  5. I have learned that if I never make any resolutions then I am never disappointed about not keeping them. Many wise words written in your poem and very nice that you are sharing them with us. Lots of thought seems to have gone into so many of the posts for this weeks Theme Thursday about the future. Thank you so much for playing this week, very much appreciated.

    Many happy wishes for the coming New Year.

    God bless.

  6. Lots to think about…I like this so much I put it on my facebook page. Thank you for sharing this write.

    Peace and love,
    I am so happy to have found your blog this year and gotten to read your thoughts you post.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine.

  7. What a profoundly strong post this week. I’m deeply moved, it touched a nerve for me.

    I also resolve to make no resolutions.

    I also love “If it’s no ok, it’s not the end.”

    I’m so going to quote you on that.

    Happy TT and Happy New Year!

  8. The loudest noise of all. Silence. And the echoes of silence..

    I love this poem, touches my own soul.

  9. lol, why are you stealing my wish!!! :-p lol, well you have it already, that’s my only wish this year “to accept the things that I can’t change” that’s it, no resolutions, well never been into those much since my teens lol

  10. Powerful words, my friend … past, present, future … so much to ponder about … Blessed be. Love, always, cat.

  11. nice…hope you get that echo and the future is one filled with love and warm wishes….i will live here in the present…trying not to look ahead….too much…smiles…

  12. so true: the future is but a moment away; but strangely enough we never really reach it!

    (I’m not one to make resolutions point. LOL.)

    Happy New Year, Daydreamer, and may your future bring good things.

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