Night Terrors

Lost in dream time
nothing, everywhere, everyone

Directions here or there

Suddenly in a room
hands reach out
grab your wrists
pushed backward

A face comes close
closer, still
devils breath hits
your cheeks hot as hellfire
and a voice rasps:

‘If you fight me there’ll
be a lot more pain and
I’ll enjoy it all the more.’

You shout for help
but nothing comes out
…not even a whisper.

Rigid with fear
he begins his assault
you fight all the more
and he says:

‘Keep this up and I’ll finish
you off and do what I’m going
to while your body’s still warm.’

Then the shout for help escapes
so loud and so clear
and a child comes running
shakes you awake
slowly drags you from the scene
asks if you are okay.

How do you explain
amid the sobs
why you were so
paralised with fear.


© Daydreamertoo         *All rights reserved

I used to have such dreadful night terrors, thought I was over them. It seems not.
Woke my 15 year old up with such a shock this morning when I shouted out so loud for help in my sleep and she came running in to find me still in the dream, crying.  Night terrors are dreadful.

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

8 thoughts on “Night Terrors”

  1. iuse to have night terrors, my mom even took me to a priest for help.
    sorry you had that, its so real at the moment in the nightmare. wonderful when you awaken and see it is all a dream, as terrible as that is. xox

  2. Omgoodness. How terrifying for you and your daughter.
    I sympathize with you and applaud you for writing and
    sharing what happened.

    Peace and love,
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

  3. That picture is so menacing and your writing so clearly brought the terror closer and closer…

    Your poor daughter (and poor you!)…she must have been so frightened for you.

  4. Oh I felt the terror in how well you wrote it down. I had a horrible dream a week or so ago too and woke up with a roar as something was creeping up under the blankets to zap my feet. Hate when that happens. Your daughter must have been scared too.

  5. Nightmares are sometimes so dreadfully real. It does help to ‘document’ their occurences and to study the pattern. They often offer insights we never know about ourselves and the world around us.

    Wishing you pleasant dreams instead of this terrors, my friend.

  6. Very real … terrifying … I know … but they are just dreams, Bren … they are just dreams … focus on reality … part of reality is that there are people that love you … including me … Always, cat.

  7. Geez, getting all creepy today your way. I better keep my mouth shut though. I don’t want you killing me and using my body well it’s still warm..haha

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