Crystal Serenade

When the house is silent
save those hearts which beat
inside its old walls
and give it life

would you know
a ray of hope flickers in the sky
has it been too long since
you dared to dream?

I see a sea of stars
across the universe and
question puzzles there
all waiting, to be solved
Here, amid the Arctic freeze
now with fresh white snow
to reflect upon

I’m dazzled by its light of
pure unbound beauty
while songs of winter lure me into
their crystal serenade.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I love hearing ice outside crackle. It almost sings as the sunlight begins at first, to warm it and it starts to move, before it melts.
Yes, we had a White Christmas  :)…. enough snow then to have to shovel, yesterday.

P.S. Although I love to see fresh snowfall I do not like to shovel it, nor (as I badly broke both tib & fib across on my ankle on ice in Jan 2007 and have a metal plate & screws to hold it all together) I like seeing ice through the window but due to that break and nearly 6 months before I could walk properly, am scared to death now to walk on it.

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

24 thoughts on “Crystal Serenade”

  1. This is beautiful. I would love to see snow again but don’t miss the slipping and sliding across the ice…I would be afraid out there too. Be careful!

  2. I wish we had a white christmas here… this was a wonderful ode to the “crystal” – so many great descriptions throughout – and some nice sibilance “I see a sea of stars
    across the universe” – ah a great write indeed! nice seeing this on dVerse!

  3. I like the snow if I don’t have to go anywhere 🙂 Absolutely love the last line of this poem: songs of winter lure me into
    their crystal serenade.

    That is beautiful!

  4. Tread softly Bren! Especially as we watch our white Christmas fade into what I think might be a green New Year! I am presently sitting at my window, seeing a front step just glistening and trying to tease me out…Ms.Maritime weather has already taught me way too many lessons in that regard. But when you turn her to muse, you get stunning writes like this! Here’s to more of you and your pen in 2012~ 🙂

  5. A beautiful poem, Bren. I too love to watch or hear snow falling, cracking, shining under the sun, but not to walk or drive on snow. Happy Holidays and Happy New year to you and your loved ones. Hope the new year bring you everything that you need.

  6. The last stanza is perfect ending for lovely image you painted with your words … I love fresh fallen snow, the reflection of light on ice — but I prefer it all from my seat near the warmth of a fireplace. Be careful maneuvering around the slippery environment.

    Happy New Year ~~

  7. You know, I love looking at the snow and ice through a window-as long as I don’t have to go out into it. This year we were fortunate, in that the snow is really late this year- First Christmas I can recall here without snow. Really enjoyed the poem and how it flowed, lots of really nice lines in here. Thanks

  8. Bah you will never convince me snow is a good thing. Once in a while it’s fun to give it a fling, giving an enemy a good smack with a snowball attack. But would rather have none, although I’m sure we are bound to get a ton.

  9. Darn (or damn) that captcha code. I wrote a long response, and I typed something wrong and thus it was wiped out. My short response, nothing like my long one: I hear you.

  10. We have a our first snow shower today…your poem paints a beautiful picture of the season ~

    Wishing you cheers and happiness ~

  11. thanks for sharing the music of your crystal serenade with us who got no snow at all…sigh…wish we had some..even more after reading your beautiful lines..

  12. This is gorgeous, Daydreamertoo! Love the imagery of the ice. Sadly, I can’t listen to ice crackle over here but you’ve made it a magical sound to me.

    Happy New Year!


  13. see you have me jealous of the snow…i so want some…and to hear their hush…it is the serenade that i hear when i listen…all we have is rain though…its pitter patter making me wish i could sleep…smiles.

  14. … hmmm, so you like snow … 🙂 you are invited to come and shovel your little heart out at my place, he he he. Love, cat

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