King of Kings

In all good haste they gathered in peace, shepherds and kings, each the same. Outside the stable they pondered, some with joy, some with doubt of what these new tidings would bring. Suddenly an angel appeared bid them all to be still so they heard what she would decree. She told them not to be so afraid…be brave and let their hearts sing, for the babe in the manger born on this day would bring joy to the world and he would be called for all time… king of kings.

Merry Christmas everyone. Jesus is the reason. Peace, love, joy.

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The sunday Whirl #36

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

19 thoughts on “King of Kings”

  1. DDT: I have to say, I felt the pace of my breathing slow as I read your account of that glorious event. In the quietness of tonight, after a long day (and an even longer three months of struggle) I am trying to make a return to visiting my fellow bloggers/wordlers. I’m so glad I’ve chosen tonight. And this wordle. Thank you for this one!

    Here’s mine…same story, much earlier “scene”…

    Merry Christmas (belated…yet…Christmas is always with us!) and Happy New Year!


  2. Spot on telling of an age old tale. This is beautiful, and a wonderful reading today. Merry Christmas to you.

  3. the young couple could find no room at the inns. they were full. no hospitality when there’s no money to be made. the manger is heaven, away from profit. even without heat. merry christmas you:)

  4. Ah.. like Brian wrote, centering for certain. Thanks. And it is an aspect of Christmas that is often so overlooked, even if it is the main reason, the reason for the celebrations. Really appreciate the piece and thanks for posting it. Merry Christmas

  5. i sometimes wish i could’ve been there in the stable when the big plan unfolded in a way no one would’ve thought…king of kings for sure… merry christmas!!

  6. thank you for centering us…with the expectation of the season…may you have a merry christmas surrounded by those that love you…

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