Fire and Ice

The past shapes
unfolds us as it will but
none of us are bound.

In my mind
I give you leave to go
touch the sun and
dare to fly as all dreamers do.

In other realms of light
I bend
twist and turn
tired of life’s friction
on a never-ending loom.

Paths cross
interweave for a while
then part.
As different as chalk and cheese
are fire and ice


each one burns our fingers
just the same.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

16 thoughts on “Fire and Ice”

  1. I like the plain earthy simplicity of chalk and cheese alongside the loftier fire and ice — it goes well with the narrator’s contrast with the Icarus-like dreamer.

  2. Beautiful pic and poem, Bren … fire and ice are fascinating topics to ponder … although fire is my favourite (being a sagittarius …) Love, cat.

  3. What a powerful response to the prompt~ I’m amazed when the two lines are blurred~ Well Done1

  4. oo i love that close bren…the each burning our fingers just the same…even in thier contrast…i did get a chuckle at chalk and cheese…smiles.

  5. each one burns our fingers
    just the same…this is a great closure..and so true..i agree with victoria – realistic view on the paths cross and sometimes influence our own paths’s fascinating, isn’t it

  6. Well stated! Yes, fire and ice can both burn. More similar than different…the burn is the same. An important poem here!

  7. I left a comment… did it post? I hope it worked because i really liked this poem… AND the picture!!!

    1. well I don’t think the my first poem posted 😦 I honestly first fell in love with your picture of the butterfly!!! … so much it’s now my screensaver;) This was a beautiful poem with passion and a perfect story of contrast!

      love your work~


  8. !!!! First I fell in love with your picture!!! …so much it is now my screen saver! Your poem was amazing… I really enjoyed the way you expressed the contrast… I think I will read this a few more times;)


  9. chalk and cheese are different? oh, i usually use chalk to draw letters on a board, and i often eat cheese


    just kidding.

    nice contrast.

  10. Ice that burns? What is this world coming too. I don’t want to weave down that path. Now I have to forget I ever heard that. Yes, I am just a crazy cat.

  11. Realistic view of relationship that heat and cool and sometimes burn. People come and go in our lives, but we are not the same after.

  12. Yes, we both titled ours Fire and Ice, yet they’re so different. Yours is great… I love the image you left us with.

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