At end of day
fresh snow flakes arrive soft, in silent play.
I watch as frost draws patterns on glass
pleasing to the eye.
It’s cold outside
so give myself a mental hug
and listen to keys which
stroke then, soothe.

Standing at a crossroads
but always in transition
our journey is the same
no matter what road.

We are all children
roaming in our soul
seeking the pathway home

Back to the ‘I am’
of spiritual self
who yearns to discover
secrets of the universe
from depths of a well within.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

Christened C of E (Church of England/Christian)  My faith is in a God of pure love-light/energy.  Not in an angry, jealous, vengeful, Biblical God. I identify more with Buddhism than anything else but, am not even that either, really. I guess we all have to find our own way home back to the ‘Oneness’

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

23 thoughts on “Chakra”

  1. Beautiful words that go deep. I can feel that you travel, like many of us, a path filled with questions but it is the journey that is a fulfilling one.

  2. I love this poem so much……”our journey is the same no matter what road” and “we are all children…..seeking the pathway home.” So beautiful, Bren. I believe in the same God you do and lean towards Buddhism too.

  3. Just loved:
    “Standing at a crossroads
    but always in transition
    our journey is the same
    no matter what road.”
    Captures my journey this year. Outstanding, thoughtful and timely.

  4. “We are all children
    roaming in our soul
    seeking the pathway home”

    I was thinking along these lines recently too 🙂
    I admire buddhist thoughts, heck I admire all sort of philosophical/spiritual thought that positively impacts my life, happy Wednesday D.!!!

  5. Yes, each individual must find their own way…the way that works best for them. There is power in that. Thank you for sharing this piece.

  6. Our beginnings might be different, but our journeys are the same ending. Enjoyed the reflections ~

  7. Really like the imagery and the first verse is something special.

    Some parts of it reminded me of the old Chinese Buddhist/mountain poets, and that made me smile.

  8. Enjoyed the read. I was actually reading a book that had a chapter on Chakras just the other day. I love when those types of coincidences pop up. Religion can be a touchy subject to some, just love the way you handled it here. I especially liked the standing at a crossroads stanza. Overall an exceptional piece. Thanks for the read

  9. esp. at this time of the year, the journey can be felt even stronger than usually..not always easy to find our way in times when the map seems to have got lost..lines that make one think

  10. “Standing at a crossroads
    but always in transition”

    My favorite lines right there. The absolute truth right there. Thanks for the read. ❤

  11. Pffft I may be a child but I’m too crazy to know I’m lost. So no one has to show me the way to go home just on I roam.

  12. we are all children lost roaming our souls…so true and love the turn back to personal in the end as you explore new things within…so much to be found there if we really look…smiles..

  13. I’m much the same… although raised Catholic, I believe that God is love… and forgiving.

    I think meditation is the key to spirituality. I love this piece!

  14. Finding our way … yes … to Oneness … maybe … be well my soul friend … Love, always, cat.

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