The Three Kings

Their loads were heavy. It was no game there in the desert. None would dare lag too far behind for fear they’d happen to soon find themselves deep in sand and hence, deep in trouble. They had traveled through some hostile states and some others where, if luck was in, a kindly citizen or two might feed them and offer a night’s respite in exchange for an exciting tale. They each told these new friends of the sights they had seen which (they said) had seemed to fly to them upon the wings of a dream. They spoke of a love that would soon travel the earth and of the purple of kings and of all this (they said) would begin with the birth of a new baby boy due to be born this very year.

This story needs no explanation mind you, I have read quite a few enlightening articles over many years now that state The Three Kings’ were actually Magi 

Shared with The Sunday Whirl #35

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

11 thoughts on “The Three Kings”

  1. Excellent use of the wordle in a tale that is rich in tradition.

    A couple more tidbits for you: in the Bible account of that journey, the number of wise men from the East wasn’t mentioned; people just assumed there were three because three distinct types of gifts were mentioned. Also, the wise men didn’t show up at the manger, but rather later on at a house where Mary, Joseph and Jesus were staying. That’s why King Herod gave that horrible order to execute all the male children aged 2 or younger; he wasn’t certain exactly when the child had been born.

    Our traditional creche and Nativity scenes, as picturesque as they are, have been molded more by literary and artistic tradition than by the Biblical narrative.

  2. was just thinking and talking on the journey yesterday…can you imagine the journey and the expectancy they must have had…pretty amazing…

  3. 🙂 a nice tale, now you have me wanting to do some research on the Kings, by Magi if they were wise men, yes they were, they studied the word why they were the only ones to follow the trail, but if there’s more than that, I am going searching.

  4. Bren, this brought to mind “Kings Day” or here in Mexico, “Dia de Reyes”, which is celebrated on January 6th and it’s a day for the children only. Nice write.

    Happy holidays to you and yours!


  5. True, if anyone needs an explanation there, they live under a mighty big rock. Once again weaving all the words in the tale at your dock. Nicely done once more, sure it will be that way forever more.

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