Forever for Always

The flavour of love plays cold
across my tongue
no sweetness now in dawn’s moist kiss
to lips of a dying rose.

Winter renders everything

The road to here filled
with blood, sweat, and tears
anger, pain and sorrow
Yet even then
(because of love)
I seek no retribution for it all.

In close proximity to Earths
sweet breath, I too, breathe now
within her harmonies
A silent witness looking in
on the emptiness of their
lost souls.

No, I seek no revenge for
tortures of the past even
unto the final closing of eyes
For the heart knows that
ancient truths do not lie
in causing yet more harm.

The task remains the same

Contemplate, absorb, sift
thank them for the pain
for, it’s that pain which teaches
us the lesson

then, move on

forever for always


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Poets United Poetry Pantry #79