Up your Brussels sprouts!

We used to have feet and inches. Pounds and ounces. Miles per hour and, it was always a pint of beer. Then we were told we were joining the European common market and everything went haywire. Faceless men and women in Brussels began telling us what we could and couldn’t do in our own country!


In the 1970’s the whole United Kingdom was asking for a referendum, to put it to the people to vote on whether they wanted to join the common market (as it was known as back then) or not.
Parliament ignored it all and said it was all for the good of the country if we could do free trade without borders with Europe etc etc. As soon as we joined it Brussels began to dictate what we could use in weights and measurements. They made us switch over from the old UK standards to Metric in everything. Then they began to tell us how food ought to be packaged and sold. The list is endless. Brussels began to rule what happened in the UK instead of the UK’s own parliament.
Most countries in the European Union did not vote to join it. Like the UK they were ‘told’ they were going to join. Most countries in Europe have fought with one another over many hundreds of years and, the only benefits Europe brings is that poor nations have been feeding off the richer ones. Most countries now are showing that they don’t want a united Europe at the expense of losing their own nations identity. Who would?
I’m glad the UK has finally said ‘Enough is enough and we ain’t doing that’ Good on Prime Minister David Cameron for sticking to his guns and stating quiet clearly ‘No’
What they want is all countries to tie up their currency with a central European bank and in that way surrender even more of their sovereignty to those faceless money men making all the laws in Brussels.

Yes, enough is enough! If the people voted, they would say ‘Let’s get the hell out of Europe and take our country back from being ruled by these faceless money men behind the governments in a city called Brussels, in a country called Belgium that half the world has never even heard of.’

I know I don’t live in England anymore but, I was born and raised there, it is my home country and I love it.  It’s time they claimed the UK BACK !

If you want to read more about why the UK is so up in arms about all of this go here: What if Britain hadn’t joined the EU

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10 thoughts on “Up your Brussels sprouts!”

  1. Brian said: this is what happens when we give up a little freedom for greater reward….

    Anthony said: I’m all for cooperation but never integration.

    I can’t say it better than these two masters of short and to the point. There is always some person, in this case, country, that thinks it’s their way because everyone else is, in their way of thinking ignorant and they “must save everyone from the ignorance of everyone else.”…I must learn to be more concise. Thank you Brian and Anthony.

    Siggi in Downeast Maine

    1. Thanks for writing this…I enjoyed reading your opinion on the topic from a patriots point of view, Bren. Keep up the good writing.
      Siggi in Downeast Maine

  2. An ounce of freedom for a pound of trouble I guess. Or a km of it for a mile of trouble or…okay now I’m confusing myself..haha

  3. The Belgique should stick to chocolate and Diamonds!
    Thats just my opinion….
    Excellent Ranting 55 DD2…
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. The European Union will fall apart sooner or later, probably as soon as Germany is “miked out” of their riches … oops, I vowed once upon a time never to discuss politics, religion and/ or sex … so I better shut up, eh? 🙂 Love, cat.

  5. Welcome to the perspective of those who come fron the third world countries, particularly my home.
    We know this. Sucks fo the UK, but heck it has been our life forever. They come in and crush our economy, push their culture on our young, suck our people dry, buy the horrid greedy so called leaders with a few euros and dollars and they want us to be happy about it…I could go on, but it does feel good to see Karma work in a little short type of way and the worst is that, most Europeans will see what is happening to them but will never look and see that their countries and the US, what 1st world countries have been doing to others for years, forever. The world as we see it was because of them, UK included. The Brits are feeling what life’s been like for others hey!!! hmm sweet!!!

    NICE read for me D. sorry to say, but I really do not pity their plight, maybe when they all put their heads together or when their citizens acknowledge that this is capitalism in action blah blah blah I could go on.


  6. I’m all for cooperation but never integration. as such I’m glad Cameron did what he did. Though i won’t give him credit for motive – a backbench revolt is sobering.

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