Leap of Faith

She sits above the roots of
the tree of life
precariously perched on the
precipice of time as naked as
the day is born and
just as kind.

Then a wisely wind whispers
to the tree that it’s time to
let her go for, she’s
ready now to forge her
way into the wide

And whatsmore…..
she knows.

She can hear that same
whisper in the air
The one calling her on that says
‘All of life is waiting for you if
you only did but dare.’

Her hair blows wild then as
the wind offers a little assistance
and ‘tho she’s hesitant to take
the plunge she’ll offer no
resistance to natures
natural nudge.

Yes, her life awaits
she’s really come of age
the world is at her feet
and a rainbow sets
the stage.

The planets are all there
she feels their ancient pull
why settle for the Earth
when she can have
them too.

So you see it is her time
the universe awaits
she knows that she can
now comes her

Leap of Faith.


© Daydreamertoo         *All rights Reserved

Wrote this a long time ago but itseems to fit the prompt for Theme Thursday

Shared with Theme Thursday Prompt #Event