Trees shiver
tremble ‘neath the touch
of translucent ice
as thoughts flow in a
constant flag-waving stream of
slow, slow, quick, quick, slow
shape-shifting karmic energy.

The darkness of winter
is upon us
might be a curse to some
and a rhapsody of dreams
to others who welcome its
quiescent deliberation.

A passive bond of trust is sown
and with this, a certain promise
that out of the dark
life cycles, in circles and spirals
renewing strength and energy
through the winter sleep
as a silent sentinel’s eyes of love
watch and wait with us
for the coming of spring.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

I took that picture through the window at the house where we used to live after we’d had some freezing rain, with the street lighting the branches sparkled like jewels. It looked so beautiful.

Thank you very much for this award.  I would like to nominate Renee: Turtle in Flight For the next one.

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

15 thoughts on “Shiver”

  1. “quiescent deliberation” nice phrase

    I appreciate darkness, it pushes us to go inwards, to be rooted in what’s true 🙂

  2. A shiver but also a hug in words..winter does have the sense of being transitional..a feeling of bracing for the worst..and hopefully looking forward to something better..beautiful write..Jae

  3. the picture is beautiful, however it pales in comparison
    to your other-worldly poem. the way you have crocheted
    the atmosphere of Winter is truly a wonder Dreamer2.

  4. Bren, Got your comment on the award. Sorry to bother you but I went there and submissions end in a couple of hours or so. My question is, that if I submit, do I just link my site or actually submit a particular piece and if so does that mean I have accepted your nomination or does someone there have to nominate. I must be out of touch or tired as just trying to connect the dots. Thanks

  5. Beautiful photo even though it must be very cold there now. Your words are so deserving of the award you have received. Thank you for nominating me. I’m not familiar with it so do I wait for someone to contact me? If not, it is quite nice for you to think of me in any case. Sorry not to be visiting more lately but work has me in overload so am quite tired when I get home.

  6. … Waiting for spring … OMG! … Do I ever, Bren! … But that’ll be May 2012 for where I live … Love you, always, cat.

  7. i like to think i look forward to parts…not the snowed in isolation but the magic of snow and its hush yes…spring will come soon enough…

  8. Reminds me of a charlie brown christmas tree, oh spring does it need. I’d be happy with spring too. Why do you have to keep reminding me..hahaha

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