Room with a View

Dreams are not as they seem
broken from a twist of fate which
wasn’t sealed at all
left as kisses blown as wishes
up to shooting stars.

In sweet repose
I drift
drawing in the safe of
night’s blanketing illusion
(welcome cloak of invisibility)
to not exist till morn’

while dust settles as sparkles
on someone else’s shores
but, I cannot resist the call of

Opening doors onto another
room with a view.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights Reserved

Shared with Poetry Picnic Week #16

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

18 thoughts on “Room with a View”

  1. “night’s blanketing illusion” what an image!!! maybe this is why I love darkness and the night!!! they are comforting 🙂

  2. notice that you won the perfect poet award for poets rally week 57, welcome take it,

    outstanding poetry along the way, truly enjoyed your lasting support.

    keep rocking.


  3. Wow, this is incredibly beautiful. The hiding away in the night, and the irresistable lure of other possibilities. One of your best, kiddo.

  4. Unless that room with a view is scary, then I just want to close the door..haha…but many a times I enjoy opening the doors as well.

  5. Love this poem, and will try and live by it … for today. Thank you, my lovely friend. Always, cat.

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