Happy New Year

Out with the old
in with the new
toss things away
people too
(it seems)

Reflections in a
steady stream
not frozen yet
as passion burns
away thin ice.

I drank too deep
from the wishing well
slipped once more
mistaking want and need
for something more than the
distance between what is.

It will all be so different
after the clock strikes
(won’t it?)
Bells peel and
voices ring out their joy.

Prisms of light I love
show a heart in
fractal, multi-faceted view
beaten, bruised but not broken

With all good grace
I yield

it’s time to say goodbye
and return once more to the
colours of life.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Happy New Year… Wishing you all, peace, love, health and happiness.
It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you all. Reading your talented work and, making new friends.

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Silent Echo

New year approaches
I resolve to make no resolution

Demolish the past and put its
pieces into boxes with
all the other puzzles
complete or not
which may be re-visited once
in a while, just for old
time’s sake.

Seasons change
people change
some were never who we
thought they were
Life goes on and we move with it
transform, grow wiser
sweeten inside as we ripen
from the fruits of knowledge

Dreams become reality
the future is but a moment away
I send out a call to love
which cannot be denied
yet, await the return of
its silent echo.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

There is only the present. The future can change on a whim.
I learned recently that I ought not to expect anything from anyone, but accept everything.

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Night Terrors

Lost in dream time
nothing, everywhere, everyone

Directions here or there

Suddenly in a room
hands reach out
grab your wrists
pushed backward

A face comes close
closer, still
devils breath hits
your cheeks hot as hellfire
and a voice rasps:

‘If you fight me there’ll
be a lot more pain and
I’ll enjoy it all the more.’

You shout for help
but nothing comes out
…not even a whisper.

Rigid with fear
he begins his assault
you fight all the more
and he says:

‘Keep this up and I’ll finish
you off and do what I’m going
to while your body’s still warm.’

Then the shout for help escapes
so loud and so clear
and a child comes running
shakes you awake
slowly drags you from the scene
asks if you are okay.

How do you explain
amid the sobs
why you were so
paralised with fear.


© Daydreamertoo         *All rights reserved

I used to have such dreadful night terrors, thought I was over them. It seems not.
Woke my 15 year old up with such a shock this morning when I shouted out so loud for help in my sleep and she came running in to find me still in the dream, crying.  Night terrors are dreadful.

Crystal Serenade

When the house is silent
save those hearts which beat
inside its old walls
and give it life

would you know
a ray of hope flickers in the sky
has it been too long since
you dared to dream?

I see a sea of stars
across the universe and
question puzzles there
all waiting, to be solved
Here, amid the Arctic freeze
now with fresh white snow
to reflect upon

I’m dazzled by its light of
pure unbound beauty
while songs of winter lure me into
their crystal serenade.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I love hearing ice outside crackle. It almost sings as the sunlight begins at first, to warm it and it starts to move, before it melts.
Yes, we had a White Christmas  :)…. enough snow then to have to shovel, yesterday.

P.S. Although I love to see fresh snowfall I do not like to shovel it, nor (as I badly broke both tib & fib across on my ankle on ice in Jan 2007 and have a metal plate & screws to hold it all together) I like seeing ice through the window but due to that break and nearly 6 months before I could walk properly, am scared to death now to walk on it.

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Turning Circles

So near, so far
picture this
ancient past
present memory
talk in riddles
I understand

spilling forth from
late night reverie.

So you, so me
unfolding mystery
of light to dark
sun surrenders
to moon and stars
keeps the triumph
in between
of whispers from eternity

Such simplicity
if we open our eyes
and allow
life’s turning circles.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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King of Kings

In all good haste they gathered in peace, shepherds and kings, each the same. Outside the stable they pondered, some with joy, some with doubt of what these new tidings would bring. Suddenly an angel appeared bid them all to be still so they heard what she would decree. She told them not to be so afraid…be brave and let their hearts sing, for the babe in the manger born on this day would bring joy to the world and he would be called for all time… king of kings.

Merry Christmas everyone. Jesus is the reason. Peace, love, joy.

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Wood stove casting shadows over the living room. 5am she creeps into my room and whispers: “Santa’s been!”
“How do you know?”

“He ate the milk and cookies.”

“That’s why we leave them.”

“Yes but, I think he ate too much because he fell asleep on the couch. (Sobbing) What about all the other kids?”

In our old house we used to have a fabulous wood stove with a glass door. Filled with logs before bedtime it would burn all night and the flames would light up the length of the long living room, there was just enough glow to see in the dark.
Chloe was aged 9, still half believed in Santa and, it was our first Christmas without her mom. We always told her if she woke up early she could have her stocking and they were always laid out on the couch. My stocking was red with a white trim around the open end, a bit like Santa’s hat.
Chloe woke up early and creeping around in the dark she’d seen the milk and cookies on the kitchen table gone, crumbs left and what was left of a carrot with teeth marks (for Rudolph) and, creeping around in the living room in the dark, she’d seen the hat at the end of the couch and had mistaken it for Santa’s head and the additional presents on the couch for his bulky body.
She was so upset to think he’d fallen asleep on our couch and all the other kids wouldn’t get their presents she cried…. haha…
Sometimes kids thoughts and what they say are just so precious and, priceless. I’ve always described myself as, growing up with Chloe.

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Fire and Ice

The past shapes
unfolds us as it will but
none of us are bound.

In my mind
I give you leave to go
touch the sun and
dare to fly as all dreamers do.

In other realms of light
I bend
twist and turn
tired of life’s friction
on a never-ending loom.

Paths cross
interweave for a while
then part.
As different as chalk and cheese
are fire and ice


each one burns our fingers
just the same.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Faith Hope and Love

It was a small gathering of
those who’d come from far and wide
with the belief of oft-spoken prophecy.

Traveling both night and day
a star in darkness to light their way.

Hopes, rising
they ignored the occasional disgruntled rumple
from Roman soldiers who wanted to provoke
and cajole, keeping their mood light

They dreamed of new beginnings
the new dawn of a new age
when a new-born would bring
with Him the greatest gift

For, it was promised that he would
teach them all how to live through
faith, hope, and love.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

And, the greatest of these is Love. (1 Corinthians 13:13)

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At end of day
fresh snow flakes arrive soft, in silent play.
I watch as frost draws patterns on glass
pleasing to the eye.
It’s cold outside
so give myself a mental hug
and listen to keys which
stroke then, soothe.

Standing at a crossroads
but always in transition
our journey is the same
no matter what road.

We are all children
roaming in our soul
seeking the pathway home

Back to the ‘I am’
of spiritual self
who yearns to discover
secrets of the universe
from depths of a well within.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

Christened C of E (Church of England/Christian)  My faith is in a God of pure love-light/energy.  Not in an angry, jealous, vengeful, Biblical God. I identify more with Buddhism than anything else but, am not even that either, really. I guess we all have to find our own way home back to the ‘Oneness’

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Mind Games

In all honesty
I expected something
but life has shown
(once again)
I ought not to
have at all.

I am the shadow of love
where once, I was its
sparkle in her eyes


Nothing is lost

she was not who
I thought she was

Just the figment of a yearning
that simply played games
in my mind.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

The promt is the photograph and the thoughts we take from it. At first I thought she was wearing a fake beard *rolls eyes* until I enlarged the picture to discover it’s a bow around her neck. Apparently her husband (the photographer) liked to play with shadows and light.

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The Three Kings

Their loads were heavy. It was no game there in the desert. None would dare lag too far behind for fear they’d happen to soon find themselves deep in sand and hence, deep in trouble. They had traveled through some hostile states and some others where, if luck was in, a kindly citizen or two might feed them and offer a night’s respite in exchange for an exciting tale. They each told these new friends of the sights they had seen which (they said) had seemed to fly to them upon the wings of a dream. They spoke of a love that would soon travel the earth and of the purple of kings and of all this (they said) would begin with the birth of a new baby boy due to be born this very year.

This story needs no explanation mind you, I have read quite a few enlightening articles over many years now that state The Three Kings’ were actually Magi 

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Fifteen and a half, growing up so fast, Cinderella went to the end of year dance. All dressed up with silver high heels. She danced and she danced, had a ball at the ball. I picked her up at ten and she said: “Had such a great time, but boy my feet are killing me.”


I asked: “Why are your feet hurting, you do know none of the women dance in high heels at dances, don’t you?”

“Oh… I saw them all dancing without shoes and thought… I’m the only one still wearing mine.” (Rolls eyes)

Still, feet killing her aside…she had a fabulous time!

Our little Yorkie Timmy was wondering what she was up to, as I was taking some pics of her to send to family … LOL

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Until it Ends

The deepest hum of life reverberates
through crystal silence
sending shivers to trace my spine
with welcome repetition.

Winds of change blow soft
across unwinding streams
in me, with ripple effect.

The heart plays music of its own
to shooting stars
chasing shadows on the moon
from settling in to spoil the mood.

The nights consort
joins me in soul embrace
shares her ambient glow
so that I (in all good grace)
may fly once more
yielding to the joys of life
until such time it ends.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

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Forever for Always

The flavour of love plays cold
across my tongue
no sweetness now in dawn’s moist kiss
to lips of a dying rose.

Winter renders everything

The road to here filled
with blood, sweat, and tears
anger, pain and sorrow
Yet even then
(because of love)
I seek no retribution for it all.

In close proximity to Earths
sweet breath, I too, breathe now
within her harmonies
A silent witness looking in
on the emptiness of their
lost souls.

No, I seek no revenge for
tortures of the past even
unto the final closing of eyes
For the heart knows that
ancient truths do not lie
in causing yet more harm.

The task remains the same

Contemplate, absorb, sift
thank them for the pain
for, it’s that pain which teaches
us the lesson

then, move on

forever for always


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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