An old piano sits against the wall where memories remain
tucked in every time worn crevice.

The curious mob had gone onto pastures new
so fickle in their care
and yet…
And yet she knew no other way to be.

This was she.

This was how it was meant to be, and
to behave any differently was impossible.

She breathed a jettison of quiet reflection
into the crisp of night.

Yes, this was how it had always been
she is the one who walks our dreams
who lives between the parting tides
of dreamscape and reality.

Some would call her Angel of the night
she leaves a celestial touch to ageing hearts
to slow them, to quieten and finally, to still
as she wanders among the halls of sleeping
haunting those who go with songs
of ancient earth and
choosing those who’ll stay with her
in trysts that last forever.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with Three Word Wednesday CCXLV111
The Poetry Palace Rally #57

Thanks for this award
To all of you who work hard
And bring this about

I would like to nominate Lynnaima: Life Between the Lines

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

37 thoughts on “Tryst”

  1. The first stanza of this beautiful poem sets a wonderful tone for the remainder. As an hospice nurse, I am familiar with the Angel of Death, and these words ring very true:

    “she leaves a celestial touch to ageing hearts
    to slow them, to quieten and finally, to still”

    With your permission, I will print some copies for my co-workers. This is just wonderful.


  2. A haunting dark fairy tale, dreamer2. I’ve read this
    beauty twice. Now I want to design a jewelry line
    around your words.

  3. Not sure how the first stanza fits in with the rest, but I love the image of her quietly moving through the night and slowing people’s systems down – evocative and hauntingly sweet.

  4. She who entices, mistress of the night (smile)
    nice work hmmmm making me think here 🙂
    thanks for the visit!

  5. You are writing some beautifully atmospheric and dreamy (though haunting) poetry lately! The Angel of Night gave me shivers…but well depicted

  6. Simply beautiful. It reminds me of a part of story I read long ago, about how souls meant to be could only meet in dimension of dreams until they can come together in the real world. Such a wonderful piece. Really like this one.

  7. she leaves a celestial touch to ageing hearts
    to slow them, to quieten and finally, to still

    Theses phrases are what make this piece resonate with me. The cycle of life is universal, and you have written it down so beautifully.


  8. Your words weave a tale and are ones that capture me as audience. I love “she leaves a celestial touch to ageing hearts”. Such mystery and you reveal in words that pull me in. Thank You!

  9. A little more creepy then your verse of late. Did you go backwards in time and think Halloween is tonight? ..haha…Now don’t go dropping that piano on anyone, being flat wouldn’t be fun.

  10. There is a certain hunch of responsibility and weight upon those shoulders..beautifully translated into words..another bountiful piece..Jae

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