Cry Wolf

True caller of the wild
guard well your precious ground.
Sacred once in hearts and souls…

Now shrinking with your sound.

What damage has been done
against ones so shy


how ancient is the grudge you
should bear against humans such
as I.

Howl at the stars.
Shout into forever…
Curse mans footprint on
the moon.
Sing loud your haunting

You’re singing to a hollow heart
that echoes at your
weeping and sees the water in
your eyes for the sadness
you are keeping.

Call out clear and strong
Howl all night long.
Drown out the pain of
all your slaughter without

Shout to the stars
to the glow of night for
that heavenly host of light
will never do you the
harm of


When you weary of that and
your throat is dry from
the sharing of its sorrows
(of you and your ancient pack)
slink off back to
whence you came before the
dawns new light betrays you
with her gleam.

The darkest hours of the night
are yours
and, not just for
the lonely.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Wolves have always been so badly maligned, hunted, killed and, mostly without good cause.
To me, they are a magnificent creature (I love most creatures) and, have always been so badly wronged by (mostly) white humans.

Shared with Poetics #Prompt Wild