Such an elixir
fragrances mingled with your being
creating a heady mixture of
space and movement through
the moment.

I drink in the images
like a sip of water
savoring its feel as I let it slowly slide.
Sometimes a pain that’s so exquisite
I wish to tarry there a while
on that tip-toe pirouette.

The music box brings it
all sweeping back in
overwhelming tides.

If asked
I am always ‘fine’
If you could read
between the lines
you’d know
the beginning of
the maze
isn’t always at
the beginning.

You will always be
in windows on the water
ageless and free
beyond a horizon of dreams
in my beloved soft-fall rain
of another time.

And I…
I am so grateful for those memories
of that love forever, mine.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

There are so many things I’m thankful for but most of all, I’m thankful for the gift of sharing….love.

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Poets United Pantry #76


‘Please, please, please, please puuuleeeease! If you’re up there an’ listenin’. Winter is on its way an’ we ‘ad a ton-a-snow last night; enough for the trouble-and-strife (wife) to have to go out an’ shovel it. I promise never to go nuts again long as no-one comes an’ steals me n mine. Okayyyy?’


And there you have it… squirrels pray too 🙂

Very tongue in cheek and I’m sure the powers that be won’t mind enjoying a smile or three, goodness knows we all need them these days.

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