Snow falls
soft, silent, virgin flakes
which cover the scene
with winter’s first new
blankets of wonder.

I wander paths that
haven’t been seen for
some time
and, you appear

Come close enough
to reach in through the
hollow of bones which ache
and touch the depth of
my spirit as it tries
to stay upon its
sacred road
leaving misery behind.

A world apart

All of life flounders
in the shallow of each day
but safe inside the hearts
of those who love
we breathe in
…exhaling clarity.

The snow dances her
sensual ballet for me
(a captive audience)
as chests rise and fall
all inside of destiny’s
seamless prediction.


© Daydreamertoo                *All rights reserved

Shared with  Three Word Wednesday CCLXV11
ABC Wednesday #prompt ‘S’