Antony and Cleopatra

Her diamond glittered, gold shone, but that wasn’t what captured him. In one fleeting moment the fires melted away any ice he felt in his heart once he saw the spark of passion smolder in her eyes. He was oblivious to the other guests who were drinking with mindless abandon. The sky could fall silent to the ground for, in this exquisite moment nothing else mattered. There was only one person left on the planet who did and, trapped within her eyes, he gladly drowned.

It was said that the real Cleopatra was not a beautiful woman and, all too aware of this, it’s said she used whatever means she had at her disposal to win her way for Egypt, mostly using her sexuality. She had to have something special because both Julius Caesar and the Roman Politician and General Mark Antony fell in love with her. To protect Egypt she made an alliance with Caesar and when he was murdered by Brutus and the others on the Ides of March After a couple of years passed, she then met and fell in love with Mark Antony, but this passionate love between them was doomed.
A bit like an ancient version of Romeo and Juliet, I’ve always enjoyed the romance of this very famous love story. There’s several movies about it but the one I love most is the version I chose the pictures from Cleopatra made in 1963 with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.
I think it’s because of their own real-life love story.
They were each already married to different people, but working together on this movie and because it took so long to make, the pair fell in love. Unable to stop themselves they soon divorced their (then) partners, and married. They divorced after 10 years only to re-marry again after a year apart and divorced once more after only a year of their second marriage. Richard Burton’s heavy drinking played a huge part in their marriages breaking up.  He bought her the (then) world’s biggest diamond. They were true soul mates and Elizabeth Taylor is said to have remarked after his passing that if he had lived they would probably have married again. He was the true love of her life and, I suspect, she was his.

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