Winds of Change

Lights flicker in the quiet dark
(somehow soothing)
blow a thousand proverbial kisses
into the winds of change
for courage to see
To really see
what is.

Without malice
sometimes I retreat too far
into the Cancerian shell
(that safe place I hide
behind the mask of
smoke and mirrors)

Curl into a ball
lost within the fog
so I don’t have to fall again
…or hurt.

In daydreams
I swirl, twirl
then unfurl a dance of words
across another silent page.

We can fill the sky with
learn to lick the wounds
(from those dreadful cuts of life)
which cannot ever heal
until we let them go


Blow soft upon these thoughts
as they move forward in
momentum by themselves
changing with the changing
of the seasons.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights Reserved

Sometimes time stands still unless or, until we change our thinking.
Or, sometimes changes in our lives occur whether it’s what we wish to happen, or not.

 Shared with dVerse Poets #Poetics


Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada and design custom made candles

15 thoughts on “Winds of Change”

  1. it is so hard to let go of things that have changed but your right – time can stand still until we either die or change our way of thinking. enjoyed this a lot – thank you.

  2. Wonderful words … again, Bren. Thank you for soothing my soul. You seem to pave the road to/ heaven, while I pave the road to/ from hell. We are quite a pair, eh? Honesty is what keeps us coming back to each other though. Love you, cat.

  3. So beautiful, the image too – and we share the sign of Cancer……and the retreating safely into a shell…….I knew we were kindred spirits! This reads wonderfully.

  4. Beautiful image of the shell and so powerful. I especially like:

    In daydreams
    I swirl, twirl
    then unfurl a dance of words
    across another silent page

  5. In daydreams
    I swirl, twirl
    then unfurl a dance of words
    across another silent page.

    i love this, it’s how i feel sometimes.

  6. Stunning, Daydreamer. I loved the lightness, the dance, the swirling and twirling. I liked its rhythm, and its sounds.

  7. what i like a lot here is the against what you would normally do, boldly spreading wings and give in to that wind of change..and maybe it carries you further than you think…great images in this and a coming to peace..

  8. i hear you…i like the idea of blowing kisses into the winds of change…we dont always see them coming and changes can certainly bring about pain…easy to do that retreat…chances are it will change again…

  9. Lick your wounds like a cat, hmmmm I wonder where you got that?..hahaha The sky filled with why, that would be bad no more blue or white whatever it really is.

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