Winds of Change

Lights flicker in the quiet dark
(somehow soothing)
blow a thousand proverbial kisses
into the winds of change
for courage to see
To really see
what is.

Without malice
sometimes I retreat too far
into the Cancerian shell
(that safe place I hide
behind the mask of
smoke and mirrors)

Curl into a ball
lost within the fog
so I don’t have to fall again
…or hurt.

In daydreams
I swirl, twirl
then unfurl a dance of words
across another silent page.

We can fill the sky with
learn to lick the wounds
(from those dreadful cuts of life)
which cannot ever heal
until we let them go


Blow soft upon these thoughts
as they move forward in
momentum by themselves
changing with the changing
of the seasons.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights Reserved

Sometimes time stands still unless or, until we change our thinking.
Or, sometimes changes in our lives occur whether it’s what we wish to happen, or not.

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