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Passing strangers in the street
I catch their eye and share eternity
in that instantaneous connection.
Somehow I can feel them
behind the facade.
I’m altogether fascinated and scared
because I too, know the fear
they do not reveal.

Well heeled or, homeless
each give out the same aura.
A wave of despair
an isolated sadness.

Amid a sea of souls
am I the odd one out
as I try to find my own way
through a maze of hearts
which ache
yet show smiles to the world
they know and believe is
their reality.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

There are often times when I pass strangers in the street, both well-to-do or, downtrodden (there’s no distinction) that I have a sudden overwhelming rush of their emotions wash right over me. Happy or sad, the sense of their emotions is truly overwhelming. It’s as if in an instant flash I can feel their deepest sadness or fear, because I feel it too.
Crazy I know, but some friends tell me it is empathy. I just accept that it is what it is and, as I feel it coming to me from them I try to catch their eye and maybe give back a positive light in my thoughts as I do.

Shared with Canvas Child Imperfect Prose
Poets United Thursday think tank #75

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

18 thoughts on “Empathy”

  1. yes it is or you are a vodou priestess from another life!! :-p lol That was interesting I sometimes want to know what’s behind the facades, call me curious but empathy is so much better lol

  2. great piece…i am high in empathy so i often see what goes on behind peoples eyes when i meet them…there is def an uneasy tension that is out there right now…the economic and political situation is not helping and with the stress of the holidays on top. felt.

  3. Coming to this, your second poem at the Think Tank this morning. Beautiful poem of empathy. It happens to me sometime too. But in order for it to happen, one has to LOOK, really look, at another person….not breeze on in a hurry as some (including myself sometimes) do. Empathy for others is a gift. Treasure your gift.

  4. This is insightful poem of a connection, I think it’s perhaps that you dare look into their eyes that you could read them and feel for them. Most people look down, avoid eyes.

  5. lovely words b, i dont know why you are suprised at all that you can read others feelings or empathize with them. you have the gift, you are special, but you know that…

  6. Just returned from Victoria, BC, helping street people … they don’t wear masks … they too poor to invest in masks … because of that they are precious to me. Love, cat.

  7. This is beautifully written. I love the last stanza “find my own way through a maze of hearts which ache”. It’s true, we all put on a brave face. You have a wonderful gift 🙂

  8. I have always felt for those who walk the streets with only the sky for a roof over their heads but became even more aware as at one point in my life I came so very close it was unnerving and when I found myself at the Food Banks and hoping I would be able to pay rent each month on 6.50 an hour wage it was pretty scary. Well written. Thank You!

  9. You have psychic powers, wow! that is really grand, can you tell me the lottery numbers please? I’ll share..haha…sometimes strangers feelings do get passed on though, depends on the mood of everything I guess.

  10. Such a beautiful poem, and I love your process notes as well. It is a gift to feel empathy with others. I love it that you send them a smile or positive thoughts – sometimes just meeting their eyes likely makes them feel better – they have been seen, in all of our shared humanity. I love this one, Bren.

  11. I understand what you mean, I can feel it,too. I can see revealing things, that I don’t think others notice. They just walk on by.

    I love your poem, you make me want to try another attempt.

    “Amid a sea of souls
    am I the odd one out
    as I try to find my own way
    through a maze of hearts
    which ache
    yet show smiles to the world
    they know and believe is
    their reality”

    This is how I feel you spoke it so well~
    Well Done!

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